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Protect your privacy and your health
with the PFT Privacy Protector!

Smart. Safe. Protected

The PFT Privacy Protector is a faraday cage for your phone, it blocks out all in coming and outgoing EMF signals including:

RFID, NFC, Cellular, GPS, WiFi, and Bluetooth!

Airplane mode will not prevent your smartphone’s GPS from tracking your every move but the PFT Privacy Protector will!

When you use a PFT Privacy Protector:

You can’t be pinged by contact tracing apps,
your conversations won’t be secretly recorded via the device's microphone
and camera for data collection purposes and you won’t be subjecting your skin
and organs to being microwaved!

Get big brother out of your life and take the power to
protect your privacy back into your own hands!

Our Custom Design:

Allows you to choose if you want a complete EMF black out or if you’d like to still receive calls and texts while protecting your body from potentially harmful radiation.

Don’t take a chance with big brother and with your health,
protect your privacy moving forward in this post COVID-19(84) nightmare with the PFT Privacy Protector!

Click here to pre order your PFT PRIVACY PROTECTOR: