Vancouver Council Declares “CLIMATE EMERGENCY” I.E. Bow To GLOBAL GOVERNMENT Or You’re All DOOMED!

January 18, 2019

Vancouver councillors have unanimously approved a motion declaring that we are indeed in the midst of a CLIMATE EMERGENCY! Vanco…

We NEED To Talk About LACTATIA The DRAG QUEEN KID…This Isn’t Progressive…It’s SATANIC

January 17, 2019

Queen Lactatia is Canada’s youngest drag queen superstar who is being embraced by the LGBT community, idolized on social media…


January 17, 2019

The prime minister of Canada Justin Trudeau is doing more town hall talks where he takes questions from the audience…sometimes…

Gillette…The Best A Ma'am Can Get

January 15, 2019

Is Gillette really the best a man can get? Well I guess that really depends on what it is that men want… which according to a …

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According to some, fewer people on earth equals a smaller human CO2 footprint but what they fail to understand is that there are only two ways to reduce the global population…you have to…

A global wifi network is currently being implemented that will one day be inescapable. This global wifi network will track the “internet of things” while also monitoring every aspects …

Canada is about to sign a United Nations agreement on migration even though there has been no referendum or public debate on the matter. In 2016 93 member countries signed on to the New Yo…

As Bitcoin continues to near it’s potential bottom newbie traders are panicking despite the fact that the fundamentals of bitcoin are sound and unwavering even in this current climate! J…

It’s OK To Be Offensive! In this current climate of overly offended snowflakes it’s becoming more and more of a right if not a duty to be offensive in the interest of pursuing truth! T…

When bubbles get too big they need to be popped…and much like tearing a bandaid off of a wound doing it quickly is much more preferable than dragging it out. The cryptocurrency market ha…

The Trudeau government has just announced a $600M media Bailout with a series of “tax credits and incentives” for the dying dinosaur press! The dying legacy media who are loosing viewe…

Independent media is being purged from social media platforms at an alarming rate. Facebook has been banning pages with millions of fans and followers for no stated reason. Twitter has alr…

Google’s parent company Alphabet Inc. owns a company called Sidewalk labs and they are working with the Canadian government to launch a new “smart city” at the waterfront of downtown…

Free speech is under attack once again as Bitchute has become the latest video sharing website to be deplatformed by PayPal. According to PayPal “The User Agreement for PayPal Service st…

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