June 22, 2011 In: Documentaries

The Nation’s Deathbed is a documentary about the SPP (Security and Prosperity Partnership), the protest that occurred in Montebello Quebec in August of 2007 and how it all ties into the agenda for a North American Union.

June 21, 2011 In: Video Reports

In this special feature from the "Into The Fire" DVD Dan Dicks of Press For Truth goes through the process of composing the soundtrack for the film...

June 6, 2011 In: G20 Extensive Coverage

With the one year anniversary of the Toronto G20 summit quickly approaching The Toronto Police Services Board has called for an Independent Civilian Review on Matters Relating to the G20 Summit...

Press For Truth Presents Into The Fire World leaders and activists from around the world gathered for the G20 Summit. With over 19,000 police officers and security personnel on hand, the results lead to over 1100 arrests, martial law in downtown Toronto, and the most massive violation of civil libe…

April 3, 2011 In: G20 Extensive Coverage

On Saturday March 26th Press For Truth hit the streets of downtown Toronto to speak with fellow Canadians about their experiences at last years G20 summit, and to raise awareness about The World Theatrical Premiere of "Into The Fire."

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