You Won't Believe Who Helped These Girls Join ISIS

 Remember several weeks ago back when it was reported that 3 British schoolgirls, Shamima Begum, Kadiza Sultana and Amira Abase, had left their home to go and join ISIS in Syria? Images of them passing through security have been plastered over media outlets around the world, with the story reading that the girls left their home in order to possibly marry ISIS fighters. It has now come to light that the young girls had some help with their plan and travels, and it allegedly comes from the most unlikely of places--a Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) agent. The individual that is believed to have helped them has now been detained and it is being alleged that the girls were smuggled into Syria from Turkey by the CSIS agent.


In a short clip obtained by broadcaster A. Haber, the three girls are shown to be unloading their baggage from a taxi and entering a vehicle. From the looks of the footage, the girls were believed to be in Turkey's southern city of Gaziantep at the time. The girls were helped by two men, as they prepared to cross over into the Syrian border. The smuggler who had a hand in helping the girls was arrested earlier in March by Turkish authorities, he maintains the claim that he was an intelligence officer that was working for an anti-IS coalition member state. "It turned out to be someone who worked in the intelligence services of a country in the coalition," Turkey Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said announcing the arrest. Turkish media has claimed that the agent is Mohammed al Rashid and that he was a Syrian national who was working for CSIS.



According to an intelligence report, Rashed accompanied the three teens — two aged 15 and one 16 —on a bus to Gaziantep, a town near the Turkey-Syria border that is well-known to be used as a staging point by those who are looking to join ISIS. Rashed allegedly left the girls with "individuals involved in human trafficking" with the understanding that they would inevitably be taken to Syria.


Not only do Western states have a hand in fueling these violent gangs with weapons and more, but they are also shown to play a part in recruiting and building up these threats. Then they turn around and want to limit the civil liberties of the citizenry at home as a response, with bills like C51, in some misguided attempt to propose more security or safety. According to Reuters, a “Canadian government source in Ottawa” has claimed that the person was not a Canadian citizen and that they were not employed by CSIS. However, they point out that the source did not respond as to whether the person had ever been working for CSIS. Thus far, CSIS hasn't returned comments on the matter. Rashed continues to maintain the claim that he worked for Canadian intelligence and according to a witness statement included in the report on this case, Rashed supposedly traveled occasionally to the Canadian Embassy in Jordan for the purposes of sharing information that he had gathered. The report points out that Turkish authorities supposedly have screen shots as well as text messages that Rashed had sent to Canadian intelligence officials. Why would anyone affiliated with Canadian Intelligence be taking any part in recruiting members for a gang that the country has declared war against? This is a question that citizens deserve answers to.



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