Worsening Financial Crisis: Venezuela Faces Lack Of Printing Paper

There are about 86 different papers that make up the Regional Chamber of Venezuelan newspapers, and reports this week claim that these papers are now facing a very pressing paper shortage. According to reports, printing paper levels are currently dangerously low, as Venezuela not only faces a shortage with paper but also with a variety of basic needs and products. They've been experiencing an economic storm for quite some time now and have declared a state of emergency over the worsening conditions.


The situation is very worrying and critical, since around 90 newspapers are at risk across the country, and with them is the provision of information for people as well as thoughts of jobs,” according to Joselin Ramirez.


The government in Venezuela is also facing censorship claims when it comes to the reality surrounding the current conditions in the country. The print media crisis for the country began back in 2012, when products necessary for this industry were placed on a “non-priority” list of products, which made it more difficult to obtain. Thanks to the shortage, some papers have had to stop running or have been forced to make cuts and reduce the number of pages in circulation.


The country is currently in a political transition, as citizens look to alternative leadership for a possible solution to the economic crisis. Worsening economic conditions have led to an increase in poverty and crime, citizens continue to battle crippling inflation that steadily climbs and the nation itself has been on the brink of total collapse for quite some time. The nation's socialist leaders were sure to put into place legal protections to prevent the new opposition-controlled National Assembly from attempting to remove the central bank governor or be able to appoint any new one. Venezuela's current economic minister has indicated that he doesn't believe inflation exists in real life and that the country is going to continue with fiat currency as they see fit.

“When a person goes to a shop and finds that prices have gone up, they are not in the presence of inflation, but rather parasitic businesses that are trying to push up profits as much as possible, he says. This is a terrifying comment that is coming from someone who is the individual that has been officially charged to protect or bring-about a possible solution to the deteriorating economic crisis in the country. 




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