Will it Work This Time? More violence in response to violence

In quick response to the recent Paris attacks, France has already dropped at least 20 bombs in Syria. According to French government sources, they've already hit an Islamic State command and control centre, a supposed jihadi recruitment centre, a munitions depot, and a training camp. Syrian activists are claiming that a museum, stadium, and medical centre were also hit by the airstrikes.

Shortly after the attacks in Paris took place, President Hollande quickly released a statement that placed blame on the Islamic state (before any guilt had been proven beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law-”due process”), and he issued a threat to the group that he would initiate a “merciless” campaign against them. Granted, many social media accounts that seemingly were in support of the group; were allegedly celebrating the attacks that took place.

When it comes to the war on terror, it's a battle that has been going on for well over a decade now. Hundreds of thousands of lives have been lost, and billions of dollars has been lost as well. It went to funding never-ending warfare, when it could have instead went to furthering infrastructure and development projects that would have benefited society. These bombs haven't seemed to benefit society in any way, they have only made matters worse.

There have also been questions raised surrounding the attacks, about the possibility of a false flag event. If such a false flag event were to have taken place, then a knee-jerk bombing campaign in response seems relatively unjustified. This is precisely why it is a valuable step to seek-out the truth via the justice system in place, before dishing-out any punishment to the supposed guilty parties. If we make a habit of overlooking this step for scenarios such as this, then how can we be certain this right won't be overlooked for anyone else? We've become too accustomed to trial-by-media within our society, rather than establishing fact in a court of law; beyond any unreasonable doubt.


Blow-back and collateral damage is real, and it isn't clear how the West and its allies plan on extinguishing this real ongoing threat. Their actions thus far have seemed to fan the flames. Public support for military intervention in Syria has been decreasing, this is evident by the fact that the newly elected Prime Minister of Canada has made the promise to pull the nation out of the conflict there. Now that these attacks have taken place in Paris, they shouldn't have a difficult time rallying some more support from the public for the endeavor. But after 14 years of violence, can we expect that more violence is going to work this time around? Perhaps the time will come when we pause to consider another approach.

For now, unfortunately, it looks like Canadians could be next to see an event take place. 





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