Will Investigative Journalism Lead to Rebellion?

By Caleb McMillan

Whether you consider yourself a professional, amateur or “citizen” journalist, what unites us all is our passion to get all the facts, figure out the cause and effect, and tell a correct story. This has traditionally been the role of the “mainstream” media, but as we'll see, they never took this position seriously. The proper role of the journalist is to keep the status quo in check. But since journalists haven't done their job and the system has decayed beyond recognition, the upper halls of politics, finance and industry are the most corrupt they've ever been in this country's short history. The system may be so corrupt that if journalists start revealing the truth, revolution may be inevitable. How did we get here?

The function of a free press has its roots dating as far back to Martin Luther's Ninety-Five Theses and Gutenberg's printing press. In pre-Confederation times, the British North American colonies took to the newspapers for information. Influential Anglican Bishop John Strachan was alarmed at the amount of newspapers in circulation compared with the number of government schools and libraries. It was publications like William Lyon Mackenzie's the Colonial Advocate that influenced the opposition to the Family Compact that led to the 1837 Rebellions.

The function of a free press also its place in the traditional divisions of power. In Canada there is an executive, legislative and judicial divisions of government. A free press acts as the ultimate cheque and balance, ensuring that these 19th century institutions don't overstep their boundaries. But as we all know, the traditional divisions of power are non-existent. “The system” does not work the way it is supposed to.

Because the press has not been free for decades, the public has gone a long time without clear, critical thinking – one based on inductive as well as deductive logic. The free press started to vanish when newspaper ownership was consolidating in the first part of the 20th century. By the Great Depression, the government had fostered the conditions necessary to prop up the larger corporations while destroying the middle-class. This included newspaper companies and radio. Although radio was tightly controlled from the very beginning. Same with television; it never had a chance.

The press has not been free also due to “public” education systems. After Confederation, it became fashionable to send your children to a government school. At the time it was thought that an education was something everyone should get, regardless of one's income. Now it's obvious that the goal was to turn individuals into militarized “citizens,” placing the state between the family unit. It is this kind of indoctrination that makes a free press impossible to maintain.

Even to this day, as more people “wake up” and decide to homeschool or unschool, we are still left with a large section of the population unable to think through things rationally. Far too many people have emotional attachments to the words and phrases that keep them in bondage. Meanwhile the wars have not ended. If there is one role for the media to play – even as general intelligence dwindles – it is to investigate all aspects of war. It is during war when the government's propaganda becomes relentless and its power grows exponentially. It is the function of the free press to fight back against this tyranny.

While the exact date for the loss of a free press is hard to pinpoint, we can be sure that by 1945 the masses were firmly duped. Post-1945 was supposed to be bring peace, but as one look at US interventions abroad will reveal, there is more war now than there was in the first half of the 20th century. Not only that, but with brainwashed “citizens” one actually volunteers for the military! The last draft was in the US in the 1960s. That almost sparked revolt, but alas those baby-boomers are now the puppet establishments and they refuse to disobey orders.

So now the wars are coming home. “Domestic terrorist” means us. Agenda 21 targets us. We the people are being targeted in our own homes. 9/11 was a fraud and all the consequences of it (i.e. loss of liberties, police militarization) are also fraudulent. The truth about a “New World Order” is much more troubling than is often understood. Usually laughed off as a “conspiracy theory,” the elite plans for a one-world government and global depopulation is very real. It is a conspiracy fact and anyone who tells you otherwise is not practicing good journalism.

Hence why wide-spread good journalism may cause a revolt. Journalism is not supposed to do this. Like I said, it is the role of the free press to keep tabs on the status quo. To keep the establishment from getting out of hand, becoming corrupt and blurring the distinction of powers that are so important to the foundation of not only the USA, but this country as well. But we haven't had that. And how could we have had that?

Our advancement in technology – particularly in communications – correlated with the rise of the corporate fascist state. But the two don't go together and this is often overlooked. Our technology is a market process; it is the result of entrepreneurs innovating, inventing and arranging the factors of production to meet consumer demand in the most cost-effective ways. Our technology – whether a simple newspaper or a complicated smart-phone – brings convenience to our lives. It is a result of the creative energies of the human race. The use of technology for sinister purposes is the statist element. For example, face recognition software is not bad. It's the secret police use of the technology that is wrong. The enemy here is the state, not the technological process of the market.

So now we're entering a time where the statist element is losing and we're left with our markets. How is this being played out? One way is by entrepreneurs eliminating red tape by inventing ways around it. For example, the darknet or the emergence of the 3D-printed gun. The other way is what the Daily Bell calls the Internet Reformation. For decades information has been bottled up and kept from public attention. Now – like gas under pressure – a leak is causing the entire structure to rupture. The corporate-state media have directed the narrative for so long that an explosion of alternative media was inevitable. And not only is it here to stay, with the internet alternative media can thrive.

But here in lies the problem. Has the system become so rotten and corrupt that when the people “wake up” they will revolt? Henry Ford thought so and that was back in the 1930's. What about now? Are the masses too dumbed down or are they just affluent from Canada's high standard of living? Since it's based on debt, and debt is unsustainable, I find economics a crucial point to address. Those who understand may be ignored or laughed at now, but in time the masses will remember our warnings.

Meanwhile the demand for truth will continue while the corporate-state media becomes increasingly irrelevant. But as the “alternative” and “independent” become the “mainstream” the question of revolt returns. You say you want the truth? What if you can't handle the truth? What if this knowledge has been suppressed for so long that when revealed it will create a fury that results in a complete overthrow of the system? If that's the case, we all better get writing and producing. We've been on a commercial break for too long. It's show-time.

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