Why You Should Be Against C-51 Even If You Have 'Nothing To Hide'

The United States, along with help from Canada and other nations, has been at war with the Middle East now for well over a decade. When the ghost-chase first started, we were told that these war efforts were launched with the objective of fighting and bringing an end to terrorism in the world. However, one convenient truth that officials and the media forgot to mention to us, was that it is impossible to eradicate terror, seeing as terror is a tactic and a tactic cannot ever be fully eliminated. Also, the media and U.S. officials also neglected to mention their part in helping to establish and to fund these groups overseas


Canadian Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney has insinuated that officials should have the power to shut down any website that they think contains material that might fuel someone's interest in taking part in this sort of radicalized terrorist activity. But what Blaney neglects to bring attention to while he's trying to rally support for C-51, is the fact that warfare activities themselves are found to fuel radicalization overseas. Drone strikes alone have been responsible for killing thousands of civilians in the Middle East; the loss of a family member or a loved one is a strong motivator. This is precisely why the CIA and other experts have brought attention to the realities of “blowback” as a result of the ongoing warfare


After more than a decade of trying to rid the world of terrorism, we see failure in a number of different areas. Not only do we see more debt, but there has also been more innocent lives lost, and terror is now more prevalent than ever as we can see from the continuous media coverage. What has been achieved? It seems that we now have an ever bigger problem than we first started out with. And somehow the Canadian government thinks the answer to this problem is to limit the rights of peaceful citizens with C-51, a notion which the Canadian Bar Association and many other legal and security experts sternly disagree with.


Some of those citizens being targeted have already expressed their concerns for the CSIS investigations that they believe and know are underway in their name, according to results found regarding Freedom of Information requests. One of those individuals being targeted is First Nations' social worker Cindy Blackstock. She is an associate professor for the Faculty of Extension at the University of Alberta, she's well-known for helping First Nation's youth and also for running a charity known as the Have a Heart campaign. She isn't the only one. Award-winning Vancouver journalist Darren Fleet also believes that he is under scrutiny from CSIS, along with lawyer and First Nations activist Pam Palmater. 


“I'm a lawyer, I am bound to uphold the law, I don't have any criminal record, I don't even have any charges, I'm not under suspicion for anything, I'm just someone who exercises my voice, speaks in the media, speaks at the grassroots level, to talk about the things we need to change in Canada,” says Palmater. 

“In the event that I disappear for seven days after Bill C-51 passes – which I've read is the allowed time that a journalist can be detained without notification or charge under Bill C-51– you’ll know where I’ve gone. Please tell my wife and daughter I love them,” said Fleet. 


These people are being swept-up under the web of potential terrorist scrutiny, even though they each passionately assert that they live peaceful lifestyles and have nothing to hide. Meanwhile, the West is found to be fueling and manipulating these atrocious groups overseas with weapons and funding. Bill C-51 perverts and erodes the rule of law in Canada, offering mass violation to the natural rights of Canadian citizens. This kind of attack on the rights of the citizenry is not justified when statistically they should more readily fear driving in their cars or taking prescription medication. The state has yet to demonstrate how it can effectively address the underlying problems of radicalization overseas by simply gaining more authority to spy. This is precisely why many security and legal professionals have pointed out the obvious fact that we already have systems and tools in place in order to help our authorities deal with any legitimate threat of violence or terrorism. 

It has been found that Bill C-51 violates the Universal Declaration of Human rights, and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, according to legal analysis by the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE). And they aren't the only ones who are warning of the violations that this bill poses. For now, it remains in the hands of the Senate, and the majority of the Senators haven't indicated as to where they stand on the issue. Their final vote is expected just days from now. There are also rallies being planned again across the nation for this Saturday, May 30th 2015, in a last collective effort to try and persuade the Senators to vote in favor of what the Canadian people they represent truly want.

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