Why was Jason Kenney at Bilderberg?

By Caleb McMillan

It's not always fun and games at Bilderberg. What was Jason Kenney doing there? A lowly Canadian MP in Harper's decaying cabinet amongst the world's financial, political and industrial elite? Oh, right – human trafficking. The Temporary Foreign Workers Program has seen a major increase during Harper's leadership. Never-mind the good intentions, the result has been back-door immigration status that leaves foreigners tied to their job. It's Canada's tourist-communism. Enjoy the life of a serf and in some cases a slave. This is not the kind of multicultural immigration Canadians are brainwashed to love. This is human trafficking and its consequences are too important to leave in the hands of a voting public.
“A good measure of uninvited foreigners and government imposed multiculturalism is calculated to further weaken and ultimately destroy national, regional, and communal identities and thus promote the goal of a One World Order, led by the U.S., and a new "universal man.”" – Hans-Hermann Hoppe

You do not build a new “universal man” via the slave-trade. Multiculturalism has been a calculated attack on Western values and traditions, designed to supplant private property rights with the vague, United Nations-defined “human right.” Britain is pushing back against this fascist immigration. So is a lot of Europe. This resentment is not due to racism but because the state-imposed multicultural society is destroying a way of life. Canada – the first Western nation to adopt multiculturalism as its civic religion – apparently never had this way of life to begin with. Despite a strong connection with British liberty and institutions, this tradition was lost in the revisionist texts of the 20th century. Canada became an empty canvas social planners could illustrate on. We had no revolution, no glorious history of wars and great generals. All we had was a lot of land an a mix of cultures. But on the eve of Confederation, we had a truer, freer form of “multiculturalism.” In the 1970s Trudeau's government codified this sentiment by writing it into law.

Centralized states, however, should not be codifying values into legislation. For one, values are subjective to each individual and could at anytime change without notice or reason. Second, the state cannot calculate effectively. It's clear that immigration is just a property issue. Who I allow onto my property is my business. If my actions cause conflict – for example, allowing a foreigner onto my property who may have brought a disease – it is the role of a third-party arbitrator to find a resolution that suits all parties. Traditionally this arbitrator has been the state, but I always emphasize the voluntary ethics of the market and its productive results. Prior to Trudeau's multicultural fascism, Canada's immigration policies were less about indoctrination into a civic religion and more about giving foreigners land to work so they “fill up” the West, keep the Americans out and pay taxes to Ottawa. Still evil, yes. But at least it was an honest evil. The state wanted to collect revenue and govern over more people. Now it's about social engineering.

Once upon a time immigrants were Anglo-Saxon whites-only. Slowly but surely, Ottawa started to allow the “lesser whites” from Eastern Europe and other areas of the world. Eventually everyone from everywhere was granted the ability to immigrate. With state-imposed multiculturalism, some speculate that Canada is on the fast-track to becoming a hotel for the world and a home for nobody. Adding insult to injury has been the attitude of Canadian politicians that they know best. To criticize state immigration policy is to be a racist and a contrarian to all things Canadian. Nevermind that since 1990, 250,000 people immigrate to Canada so governments can “capture more of the immigrant vote.” Nevermind that this amounts to 28 new immigrants every hour or that it cost taxpayers $23.6 billion per year to finance this scheme. This debate is not allowed on the spectrum of approved opinion. Move along, citizen.

But what about the Temporary Foreign Workers program? Here's a program that has been in place for four decades but it wasn't until recently that its number began to swell. In 2012 there were nearly 500,000 TFWs in Canada, five times higher than ten years earlier. This year alone has seen over 81,000 workers come in. And unlike Canada's sacred “multiculturalism” scam, the TFWP is receiving a lot of negative criticism in the press. And this, I suspect, is one of the reasons Jason Kenney was invited to Bilderberg.

The TFWP has evolved into a slave-trade. In some cases, workers are shipped to Canada like commodities to be bought and sold. Perhaps they arranged to work in Regina, but end up in Prince Rupert with no choice. Well, except for the choice to be deported. The worker is completely dependent on his or her unskilled, low-paying job. There's even been cases where corrupt employers deduct expenses so it costs money to work. The program has also been accused of stealing Canadian jobs, as in the case of the oil sands.

The political reaction to the TFWP has been strong. First the NDP grilled Harper in the House of Commons. Then in January of this year, Jason Kenney, Minister of Employment and Social Development, pledged to reform the program. Four months later he suspended it. Now employers in places like Jasper are getting angry. It seems that whatever Kenney does, no one is happy. The TFWP is truly screwed up. And consider the TFWP children. Some foreigners have had kids in Canada. Some of them met through the TFWP. If the program were to end, would the government deport Canadian citizens? Or would they deport the parents and create orphans? This is the kind of election issue that gets Canadians angry. It messes with their emotional commitment to multiculturalism.

In comes Bilderberg. Now this was the second time Jason Kenney has been invited (the first was in 2007), but I can't imagine it will be his last. Kenney has quite the track record so it's possible he's being groomed to replace Stephen Harper (or to become Canada's version of John McCain or Mitt Romney). But it's possible that Kenney was being given advice on how to deal with the TFWP. It's no doubt going to be an election issue. It's a major issue in the Fort McMurray by-election taking place this month. Canadians are going to want to voice their opinions on the TFWP and most of them think voting will change something. Of course the reality is that voting doesn't change anything and that Bilderberg holds more sway over “our” representatives than we do. If Kenney discussed the TFWP at Bilderberg, he was probably told, “the people are going to demand option A; you must give them option B.”

What will option B look like? Or better yet, what is option A? Canadians aren't going to reject multiculturalism tomorrow, but they're also not going to accept business-as-usual with the TFWP. How these two forces play out is anyone's guess. It's tyranny of the majority versus tyranny of Bilderberg. Meanwhile, liberty and private property are nowhere to be seen.

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