Why Rethink 9/11?





  • The official version is impossible

  • Passage of time reveals “conspiracy theories” to be possible or even likely

  • We are now being threatened with a “new 911”

  • Because of 9/11 and ISIS, we are living in a police state (NSA, airport security theatre) that is aimed at us, not “terrorists”

  • The “War on Terror” was based on lies and a false association with 9/11

  • 9/11 deaths: 9/11 victim families call for new investigation; US and Canadian military deaths and suicides, 1 million-plus dead in Iraq






1. The official version of the events of 9/11 is impossible and ignores basic questions.


The 9/11 Commission Report, released on July 22, 2004, fails to address questions about


    • how the alleged hijackers were identified;

    • how they were able to operate to defeat US intelligence and air defence;

    • why a third WTC tower, WTC Building 7, which was not hit by an airplane, nonetheless collapsed that day at free-fall speed into its own footprint in what looked like a controlled demolition which highly qualified and credible experts say would have required weeks to prepare;

    • How the alleged hijackers managed to use a commercial airliner to punch a cruise-missile-sized hole in the Pentagon without disturbing its front lawn and leaving no plane parts such as wings or engines lying around;

    • what actually happened with flight 93 which crashed in Pennsylvania;

    • what happened with relevant insider trading that took place before 9/11.


2. With the passage of time, some “conspiracy theories” regarding 9/11 are not so hard to believe.




In fact, some former “conspiracy theories” are now well understood and admitted.


    • The alleged 9/11 hijackers were unskilled pilots but allegedly were able to commandeer huge commercial airliners and pilot them with incredible skill and precision into the twin towers. Some “conspiracy theorists” asserted that this was impossible, but that the flights could have been achieved using remote controlled airplanes. While that was a novel concept at the time, within just a few years we all came to know remote controlled airplanes as “drones”. Some of the “drones” now being used in warfare have the size and maneuvering capabilities of fighter jets. This isn't a conclusion as to how 9/11 was done – a new 9/11 investigation should answer that. It's an example of how the passage of time reveals as possible things that were thought impossible.

    • It's said that Al Qaeda did 9/11. “Conspiracy theorists” always pointed out that Al Qaeda was created and supported by the US in Afghanistan in the 1980s, to antagonize and defeat the Soviet Union. Recent events make this worth re-examining.

      • It's mainstream knowledge that in 2011 US intelligence actions supported and armed the same brand of Al Qaeda radicals (then called “rebels”) to help them overthrow the government of Libya. The story was similar In Syria in 2013. Al Qaeda radicals (then called “rebels”) would have formed the new government of Syria if the Obama administration had gotten its wish (to bomb Syria based on false allegations about chemical weapons). Everyone now knows that “Al Qaeda” is supported and funded and armed by the US.

      • Al Qaeda has been re-branded as “IS” or “ISIL” or “ISIS”. They are the same thing as “Al Qaeda”. ISIS is now murdering their way through Iraq and Syria, and recently appeared to behead two American journalists on the internet. With ISIS, the Obama administration has gotten its wish, to insert itself into the Syrian civil war.

      • Back in 2001, it was a 9/11 “conspiracy theory” to assert that the US created a radical jihadist movement so extreme that it directly threatened or harmed Americans, creating a justification for military adventure. But now, we can plainly see that that is what has happened and is still happening. Al Qaeda and now ISIS are the US government's pawns used (not controlled, but funded and armed) to destabilize and terrorize societies so that new puppet regimes can be installed. And now, ISIS is out of control, by design.




3. Mainstream media reports that ISIS is now directly threatening us right here in North America.


The US Department of “Homeland Security” says that ISIS militants are planning to enter the United States through the southern border. Meanwhile, it's been all over the news in 2013 and 2014 that the US southern border is wide open, with virtually no security. Thousands of unidentified people, mostly from Central America, are pouring across the border. US political leaders, commentators and even a US federal judge have concluded that the border is being held wide open deliberately by the US government. Will we soon see beheadings, or worse, on American or even Canadian soil? The mainstream media has shifted into high gear with hype about a “new 9/11”. Rather than responding purely out of fear, we should take a hard look at the first 9/11. If we realize and admit to ourselves that it was a fraud and tell others including our elected officials about it, this will help prevent the “new 9/11” that the government and mainstream media now threatens. We need to tell our government that if or when it happens, we know who did it or allowed it to occur.




4. Because of 9/11, and now because of fear of ISIS, we get to live in a police state.




    • The fact that we are all – not just suspected terrorists - Canadians included - constantly spied on by our governments (as NSA whistleblowers Edward Snowden, William Binney and Russell Tice revealed) is said to protect us from another 9/11. But examples cited by the government as successful terrorism-prevention by the NSA have been proven to be lies.

    • The police state is forming all around us. We and our children get to stand in naked body scanners at the airport or have our bodies groped if we refuse. These tactics have been shown not to have prevented terrorism. In the US in particular, local and state police now look and behave like an occupying army with a “shoot first” policy. Worldwide, financial and tax records are being shared by co-operating governments in the name of “anti-terrorism”.




5. The Iraq “War on Terror” was based on lies and a false association with 9/11. Why?


The Iraq war that began in 2003 is known as part of George W. Bush's “War on Terror”. Many people at the time were understandably confused into believing that there was some kind of link between 9/11 and Iraq. Everyone now knows that the war in Iraq was based on lies. Remember “weapons of mass destruction”? If 9/11 were a straightforward case of finding and killing terrorists, why would the US government use 9/11 to help lie its way into irrelevant wars? The violence and wars currently raging in the middle east are a continuation of the phony “War on Terror”.




6. The victims of 9/11 worldwide deserve answers.


This item should really be at the top of the list.

    • For years the families of 9/11 victims have called for a new investigation. In 2010 they began leading a campaign called “Remember Building 7 (rememberbuilding7.org). Along with Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth (ae911truth.org) they work to raise awareness of the destruction of World Trade Center Building 7 through television and other forms of advertising, and to shift public opinion and force a new investigation into Building 7′s destruction.

    • Military and civilian deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan:

      • Total American casualties from the War on Terror including deaths and injuries in Iraq and elsewhere, are estimated to be around 66,000.

      • In 2010 the Canadian government stopped reporting casualties in Afghanistan. By 2010 the total of Canadian of casualties in Afghanistan was estimated to be 2017.

      • Estimate of the number of violent deaths of Iraqis in the Iraq war: up to 1.1 million.

      • There is great concern about the prevalence of depression and increasingly regularity of suicide in the Canadian military.

      • In the US military, suicide is practically an epidemic. By 2012 the suicide rate had increased to nearly one per day. In 2013 the number of suicides (185) was greater than the number of US soldiers killed in Afghanistan (176).

      For more information on this topic from Press For Truth be sure to check out 911 Extensive Coverage






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