Why Protest?


The Montreal protests are a ploy for student attention seekers - seeking to be the next Brigette Depape – get interviewed for television and stroke their own ego.


And the student protesters have now officially been joined by the Unions

The CSN labour union, representing some 325,000 workers in Quebec, called on members to join the students.


And of course, where there's a strike, there's public teachers. Some 1,200 professors opted to strike but only because some striking students were blocking access to the University. But after the teacher union lost the collective bargaining deal, leading them to protest as well.


The main thrust of the anti-austerity protesters are a loose collection of grown children (i.e. adult busy-bodies), clueless students, and government sector unions looking out for number one. They call themselves Printemps 2015, or until the next General Meeting of the Secretariat where a Council will vote for a name-change.


The protesters literally want no cuts to anything. Their program is to increase government spending, especially in the education and health care bureaucracies. As if throwing more money at self-perpetuating bureaucrats and dangerous technocrats will do anything to improve the fundamental situation. There is one law to rule them all: those who cannot go out of business are by definition inefficient and corrupt. We wouldn't expect Wal-Mart to act benevolently if they had a coercive monopoly we all had to pay for... Or could we?


Nevertheless, the protesters also want zero oil exploration and tougher environmental regulations. Seeing that oil is the single greatest commodity known to the civilized world, I find this particular objective stupid. Oil is responsible for every MacBook these students own while sipping on their #RaceTogether Star Bucks latte which also wouldn't possible without trucks on the road, coffee beans in Latin America, mass manufacturing of plastics and papers. All of which depend on oil. Do they want higher minimum wage too? Probably, because clearly teaching basic social-economic cause and effect are not top priorities in post-secondary education. Fact is: oil makes the world go round and if there is a superior technology – only the free market is going to utilize it.


And that's done by freeing prices. Free prices equal a free people. But these Red-Square demonstrators are completely missing the forest for the trees, or the elephant in the room... The elephant is the market, you can't get around it. No central planning system has ever beat it. The protesters are so caught up in the details of the current corporate-state system (environmental regulations, wage control laws, government spending on status quo) they are missing the giant forest: the global corporate-state fascist system. 


You'd think law students would at least see the fallacies with the Leftist crybabies. But turns out McGill University's undergrad Law students are getting involved now as well. And that's not all, no itinerary was provided, which is mandatory under the city's municipal P-6 bylaw! (But seriously, screw that bylaw)


These protesters have no philosophical basis. They just want free government money. It's one thing to see students involved, but to see adults is disheartening. I suppose the indoctrination is complete: grown adults have no idea how wealth is created. They think high taxes and government spending lead to prosperity. This country is doomed.


Here are five alternatives to protesting in Montreal (or anywhere where the Left Establishment comes out to, really, just protest itself.. hat tip to Simon Black for the initial ideas, and definitely think up more, ideas are like a currency):


1. Read. Turn off the television if you haven't already. Turn off your Facebook if you're spending more than a couple minutes a day on it. Read, read, read. It's important. I won't lecture about what you should be reading. If you're dedicated to the truth, you'll eventually find your way. But for now, for crying out loud, please read something.


2. Before you can hit the streets, you have to know what you're talking about. While reading something, find a mentor. And not some University Professor who has never worked in the real world. Not unless he's some crazy scientisit you have to put up with. In that case, find another mentor (have more than one, why not?). Find a mentor who has the traits you desire and learn their craft. Study under somebody you respect. Teacher and student partnerships don't always belong in the classroom. If you're under 18, keep in mind you're in a certain form of prison. Real partnerships happen in the business world, where individuals create value for each other. Find someone doing that, and learn how they do it.


3. Start your own business or join a start-up. That's kind of what I'm doing with writing and other odd jobs and loose ends. Create content from scratch and challenge the injustices in society. It doesn't have to be media or politically centric. Any ideas on how to desalinate ocean water cheaply? Or how about broadcasting the internet through radio waves instead of cell towers? Sound far fetched? That's what entrepreneurs do. They innovate and invent. Think outside the box.


And trust me, you are not providing value by getting yourself into debt at a Canadian university. You're certainly not providing value by protesting government cuts and demanding more taxes.


4. If you have to attend college or university, go abroad. Get out of your comfort zone and have an experience that will change your life. It's also a great way to learn a new language, if you don't do it when you are young, then when will you? Get bangs for your bucks. Even if the currency is on par with the 80 cent Loser Loonie, foreign universities are likely to be a lot cheaper than Canada... unless you go to the U.S. or parts of Europe. But...


5. You don't need an excuse to travel. What's university and college? Sounds stupid. I just travel. Get the hell out of dodge, if you feel the need to. In Mexico and beyond, there are people living on $1000 a month (and less)


There are plenty of things to do before protesting government cuts to health care and education. If you have to be out there on the streets, why not protest government spending on war? 


If you're one of these protesters and you're a godless communist you probably won't remember Psalm 17:28. But what about that saying, "better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt?" It applies here. Stay silent, read your books, learn from your mentor. Then when the time is right, you'll have something authentic to protest about and people will listen.


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