While Europe was burning witches, Iraq was booming. It’s about to be again.

By Simon Black, Sovereign Man

It’s been nearly 1,000 years since Iraq had some positive momentum.

Back then, Europe had plunged into the Dark Ages where intellectual and economic progress all but halted.

Baghdad, on the other hand, was the most exciting, cosmopolitan city in the world. It was the capital of the Abbasid Empire, and in their society, education was a virtue.

Scientific, technological, and intellectual achievements were highly celebrated.

Mega-libraries known as Houses of Wisdom were inaugurated all over the region. And in many cases, books were more valuable than even gold itself.

In one famous case, after they had defeated the Byzantine Empire in a long war and were negotiating a peace treaty, the Abbasids demanded annual payments of Greek manuscripts rather than gold.

But that was the peak.

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