We Kill Because We Can And They Don't Want You To Question It

Drones have become an increasingly common instrument that is used in modern warfare today. One point that is easily overlooked or forgotten with regard to this type of warfare, is that all of those who are targeted and killed by drones are only suspected of being a terrorist. By fostering the use of drones and supporting their approach to kill first and ask questions later, we've fueled a concerning rise in the tendency to overlook due process. With drone warfare, those who are unlucky enough to find themselves suspected of any wrongdoing aren't afforded the right to turn themselves in, and face the evidence against them, there is instead a glaring priority to simply kill them. Also, the majority of the “evidence” against them, is based on information that gets provided by bribed locals. Often times, this type of “evidence” is commonly proven to be far from accurate.

With drone warfare, the kill-don't-capture approach has resulted in the deaths of thousands of innocent men, women, and children. Former drone operators themselves have come out and publicly admitted that this program only perpetuates the problem, and they echo the sentiment that this program is overflowing with outrageous inefficiencies. Despite various government officials claiming that these strikes are accurate, it turns out that they are anything but precise. When it comes to drone strikes, roughly 90% of their victims are the wrong targets and turn-out to be innocent civilians. The drone strikes are making the problem of terrorism worse, and so long as we continue with them and this systemic inefficiency, the situation is only going to be prolonged even further. If officials in Washington were really interested in addressing the ongoing threat overseas, then they would look for methods to take care of it in such a way that didn't blatantly perpetuate the cycle of violence that we see.  

In an advanced society that purports to respect and uphold civil liberties, the legal requirement of due process is a necessary check-and-balance that is put into place in order to ensure that human rights are respected. Due process is meant to balance the power of law and to protect the individual. Drone warfare has continued to create a worrisome atmosphere of acceptability, when it comes to overlooking the right of each individual to be owed due process of law. Since the war on terror was first launched over a decade ago, the disrespect for this legal requirement has continued to be overlooked. Now, American citizens themselves can be detained without trial, which is a slap in the face to those checks-and-balances which were established in order to help society fend-off against tyranny from the state. How can citizens be expected to respect the state, when that state blatantly disrespects the smallest minority within the citizenry--the individual? 

It should never be forgotten that for any of those individuals who are engaging in initiating this questionable violence, they will more-than-likely want their own right to due process to be respected, should they themselves ever become the target of any state investigation or hunting campaign. Yet they want to deprive others of that right, simply because of their own fear, hatred, impatience, or general small-mindedness. It's much more cost-efficient for the state to kill and eliminate these targets, rather then running them through any costly and lengthy legal system. But cost alone shouldn't be a sufficient reason to disrespect the basic human rights of others. And the reality remains that these strikes are inefficient, and that they are self-destructive in that they perpetuate the problem that they say they working to try and eradicate. 


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