War In Syria: US Officials Cherry-pick Which Rules They Want To Follow

One glaring reason to be opposed to the ongoing conflict in Syria is that the US-led coalition is illegal. The American people have had no say when it comes to whether or not their representatives are going to support this military adventure overseas. Not only is it in violation of its own laws, but their actions in Syria also violate international law as well. And as U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon has suggested in the past, if the Obama administration isn't going to abide by the United Nations Charter, then it should “leave the United Nations and join the club of rogue states.”

When the US first started to eye the possibility of a war with Syria, a Reuters/Ipsos poll from several years ago demonstrated that only about 9 percent of the American people were in support of a bombing campaign against the country. It's been over three years since then, and it's clear to see that there is plenty more support around nowadays then there was back then. Although, there is still a fair amount of the public that is adamant about standing against the continued warfare. They are joined by few representatives, like US Rep Justin Amash, who have also been calling for an end to the war for several years now. 


The US-led coalition has already launched thousands of strikes in Syria, they've spent billions of dollars, and they've been engaged in this fight for over three years now. And things may be about to get worse,  as Russia has recently joined the chaos and potentially China could get involved as well. France is also asking Britain to increase its involvement and launch fresh air-strikes in the area. The conflict has continued to deteriorate and the US hasn't demonstrated that they have any efficient plan for achieving their goals and exiting from the situation. If anything, it looks as if matters are going to get much worse before they are going to get any better. In our Press For Truth live broadcast this week, we discussed the recent downing of a Russian plane, the worsening refugee situation, ongoing war in Syria, and more.   

Despite various warmongers in the US and other nations wanting to continue in escalating this fight, the fact remains that this war is in violation of international law and the US Constitution. But this isn't the first time that we've seen government officials cherry-pick which rules they want to follow. Not all of them are interested in continuing the fight though, just this month both Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) and Rep. Austin Scott (R-GA) introduced H.R. 4108, which is a bipartisan bill aimed at ending the US war in Syria. 


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