Vatican Climate Change Summit: World Mayors Urge Immediate Action

Dozens of environmentally friendly mayors from around the world attended the Vatican this week, in an effort to collectively commit to reducing global warming and helping the poor to deal with its effects. The event was a 2-day summit, which had several dozen mayors unanimously adopt a new declaration, pledging to endorse new changes and environmental goals. The mayors agreed that they would work together toward achieving their shared climate goals, and vowed that they would work to implement those changes back in their home cities.  


World leaders are expected to adopt the new 17 “sustainable development” goals at a United Nations (UN) summit later this year in September. The summit is set to be opened by Pope Francis himself. Among the new goals and promises, there are plans to commit leaders “to end extreme poverty and hunger” by 2030 apparently. However, they haven't yet discussed exactly (or provided any specific formula for) how they plan to go about doing that. They also make claims to ensure health care, education, access to water, and sustainable energy. It is clear however, that the most pressing point for their meeting, is for the purposes of taking urgent action to combat climate change and to “protect the earth.”


“If [Pope Francis is going to suggest] that the government has the duty of keeping the environment clean, because that will help save the poorest among us,.. if he wants to issue that as a political statement to me,.. [that is] irrelevant to Catholicism,... If he is going to move the mechanism of the Church behind something, it better not be political,” warns the Judge.


Pope Francis told the attendees at the 2-day meeting this week, that their commitment was paramount to them being successful in sensitizing the “conscience of humanity.” One by one the mayors lined-up to sign the declaration which stated that “human-induced climate change is a scientific reality and its effective control is a moral imperative for humanity.” Let's also not forget that it wasn't long ago that various scientists and researchers collectively penned a letter to Pope Francis, urging him to re-consider his seemingly small-minded views on climate change.  Along with these world leaders, Prime Minister Harper has also agreed to press forward with the collective climate change goals for Canada. 


Despite the Vatican repeatedly championing their “climate consensus,” there are still many educated individuals around the world who firmly do question the supposed claims surrounding climate change, and most importantly the solutions from the state that are apparently crafted to combat these environmental problems. “Despite what the public has been led to believe, the situation is not a crisis at all – and certainly not something that demands drastic government actions to avert serious damage to the environment,” says Robert Murphy. So then, if we rush toward “implementing the wrong policy,” we could potentially make the problem worse and cause even more damage. 


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