U.S. Says New Bombing Campaign Against ISIL Has No End In Sight

 A new bombing campaign has been initiated this week overseas against ISIL and officials from the United States have said that there is “no end point at this particular moment” when it comes to this battle. The increased violence is a sign of the ongoing escalation there and desperation of the United States to get control of the situation. With “no end point” in sight, this doesn't instill confidence in those who want to hope that the U.S. is being strategic with its costly weapons and military endeavors.


All of the recent strikes that took place were seemingly unconstitutional as they occurred without any Congressional authorization or any debate on the matter. “We want to strike ISIL anywhere it raises its head... Libya is one of those places... [and the airstrikes will] continue as long as [the Libyan government] is requesting them... [there is] no end point at this particular moment in time,” said the Pentagon Press Secretary Peter Cook.


The Gaddafi endeavor in Libya was a deceptive nightmare, but now they will be going back for more. Early this year, General Joseph Dunford previously stated that the U.S. was already preparing to take decisive military action against ISIL in Libya in the future. This recent bombing campaign is a significant escalation of the violence and progression of war overseas in that area. The battle against ISIL has been ongoing for years, billions of dollars has been spent, and yet we are repeatedly told that we should expect no end in sight to the ongoing violence.



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