U.N. Climate Summit: Hypocrisy, Ignorance, Protests, Socialism, And Movie Stars

The 2014 United Nations climate summit officially got underway in New York city yesterday. Following a climate action protest that had an estimated 400,000 people in attendance on Sunday. This protest was heavily
 criticized as hypocritical, after the event because the "environmentally minded" protesters left a sea of garbage on the streets of New York (mainly signs, water bottles, junk food wrappers, and Starbucks cups).  

Then there was a second protest on Monday called #floodwallstreet. the floodwallstreet website states: Stop Capitalism. End the Climate Crisis.

"The economy of the 1% is destroying the planet, flooding our homes, and wrecking our communities. After the People’s Climate March, wearing blue, we will bring the crisis to its cause
with a mass sit-in at the heart of capital."

The anti capitalism mindset, very similar to the Occupy protests can be seen in the below video.

As the summit got underway the hypocrisies, socialist propaganda, and flat out ignorance continued.

The summit began with a short video of "hope" narrated by actor Morgan Freeman.

The video boldly states that "the weather that day won't make us worry for tomorrow. There will be more jobs and less disease. The sea level will stop rising and species will stop dying".

Asserting that once we go "green" sea levels that always fluctuate will somehow stop, species extinction that has happened since the beginning of life on the planet, will stop. That people will no longer have to worry about weather events in the future and jobs will be  plentiful. These statements can be seen as an exaggeration, at best and at worst. Flat out propaganda.

Then actor Leonardo Dicaprio took the stage and delivered this speech.

Dicaprio states: "Every week we are seeing new and undeniable climate events. Evidence that accelerated climate change is here right now. Droughts are intensifying, our oceans are acidifying with methane plumes rising up from the ocean floor, we are seeing extreme weather events and the west antarctic and Greenland ice sheets are melting at unprecedented rates. Decades ahead of scientific projections."

"This disaster has grown beyond the choices that individuals make, this is now about our industries and our governments around the world taking decisive large scale action. Now must be our moment for action. We need to put a price tag on carbon emissions and eliminate government subsidies for oil, coal, and gas companies. We need to end the free ride that industrial polluters have been given in the name of a free market economy. They do not deserve our tax dollars, they deserve our scrutiny."

The undeniable climate events are very questionable at best. Hurricanes have not increased, floods have not increased, and droughts have been far worse in history than they have been in recent years. The global temperature has "paused" and has not increased for almost 20 years, and sea level predictions have been consistently wrong (among many other climate change predictions).

Dicaprio then echoes the socialist sentiment of a carbon tax. Coupled with limiting the "free ride" that industry has enjoyed in a free market economy. Completely ignoring the fact that it has been government intervention and regulations that have slowed the free market's progress in fixing any environmental issues. Do not think this true? Why is a plant (hemp) that we can create clean fuel, paper, clothing, plastic, medicine, and much more with, still illegal or over regulated to the point of insanity? (just to give one of many examples)

Dicaprio is using the age old socialist tactic of blaming the free market and privately owned industry for problems created by the state. Individuals cannot fix the problem in a free market even though they are the driving force. The deciding factor in any corporate or industrial decision. Have you ever heard the term "vote with your dollars?. No, no don't pay any attention to that. Only the state can fix it all now. 

Then to add insult to injury. The very same industries getting a "free ride" in the free market are what created DiCaprio's $220 million dollar net worth. Or does he think that all those DVD's, VHS tapes, posters, shirts, and any other products that he sells are not included as industrial production?

Hypocrisy, ignorance, protests, socialism, and movie stars. Welcome to the current environmental movement.

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