Trying To Stop The Billion Dollar Saudi Arms Deal

 Rand Paul is spearheading efforts in Washington to try and block the US arms deal with Saudi Arabia. Both Rand Paul and Chris Murphy have criticized the US foreign policy in Yemen as the death toll grows and the fighting there continues to worsen. Paul says that Saudi Arabia is an unreliable ally and that he questions the human rights record of the country. And he isn't the only one.

Many Canadians too are also upset with Liberal leader Justin Trudeau and his decision to move forward with Canada's arms deal with Saudi Arabia. A lawsuit was even initiated in the Canadian courts to try and have the deal blocked, seeing as Trudeau wasn't going to respond to outcries from the public to have it stopped; saying his hands were tied in a deal that had already been made.

The U.S. arms deal with Saudi Arabia is a $1.15 billion dollar agreement and Paul has admitted that he is going to work with a bipartisan coalition in order to try and stop the sale from going forward but they will only have 30 days to block the agreement. Paul says that the U.S. shouldn't be so eager to sell Saudi Arabia weapons and ultimately promote and advance the arms race in the Middle East.


It is expected that any efforts to try and block such shipments are ultimately going to fail but that won't stop Paul and others from trying. Paul also previously introduced a bill with Democratic Senator Chris Murphy that would have required the president to certify to Congress that the Saudi officials would “take all feasible precautions to reduce the risk of harm to civilians” before any sale went through. His bill failed but he hasn't given up on the discussion or the effort.



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