Trudeau Plans On Sending Canadian Troops To Africa

 Justin Trudeau's Liberal government is now planning on sending Canadian troops on a 'peacekeeping' mission to Mali. Trudeau hasn't yet specified where they will be located, but he has said that there is a lot of work to be done in the region there regarding a potential UN-related mission. And Canada won't be the only one, France also has troops in the region that are engaged in a separate mission.


The Canadian government so far hasn't signed off on anything specific but they have announced that they are more than willing to send over a few hundred Canadian troops, roughly 600, to join the UN 'peace operation' and there are also plans to hae roughly 150 police officers to be joining the operations as well. Some have criticized the move, saying it's one of the most dangerous 'peacekeeping' missions that the government could send Canadian troops on and critics have also said that Canada has no business getting involved in that area.


Walter Dorn, a peacekeeping expert at the Royal Military College in Kingston has said that of all the missions that Canada can embark on, sending troops to the Mali region in Africa is one that has the highest risk associated. It is claimed that the mission in Mali will be to hold off Islamist militants. But is this a mission that the Canadian government can afford?


This new operation means that the Liberal government is committing at least $450 million to the activities overseas. Isn't that money which could be spent on improving Canadian infrastructure and helping citizens right here at home? Canada's ambassador to the UN has said that there isn't any quick fix to the problem in Africa, indicating there isn't any clear end in sight to the ongoing confrontation there that Canada will be engaged in. So this endeavor might end-up costing a lot more in the future.



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