Trudeau Leadership: Busy With Everything But The Important Stuff?

Trudeau has been really busy since he became the Canadian Prime Minister, following the departure of former Conservative leader Stephen Harper. From being honored by First Nations tribes, to announcing the names of the pandas at the Toronto zoo, it looks like Trudeau has had many responsibilities to take care of. Although, some have wondered why he seems to be dragging his feet when it comes to getting onto the important work and with addressing real pressing issues that effect the lives of citizens.



Trudeau has already promised that he will hear concerns about and address the highly controversial Bill C-51, and that he will repeal controversial sections of C-24. Trudeau also campaigned with the intentions that he we would reverse our course in war activities overseas, but we can see that he still has yet to follow through on that.




We have seen Trudeau busy himself with some other tasks however, from making moves to allow Syrian refugees entrance to Canada, to pushing for a pipeline review and adapting Canada's involvement in war activity overseas. Canada is billions in debt and just went forward with selling a large amount of its precious metals, leaving the Canadian loonie backed by not much more than the simple and self-destructive belief in fiat currency and fractional reserve banking.


The Trudeau government has already made it clear that they aren't going to be rushed into anything. Especially when it comes to legalization, they have no quarrels with taking their time on implementing their promises of moving forward with acceptance of cannabis. Even though Trudeau campaigned on the legalization ticket, Canadian citizens continue to be arrested and dispensaries raided while the Liberals take their time on sorting out how to allow these types of voluntary exchanges to occur. They need to make sure that they first establish their monopolistic control, put their cartel in place, before they can allow Canadians to have that level of freedom.


Another pressing matter, the TPP, was also pushed forward by Trudeau even though he made the point of admitting that while he might not agree with the plan, that he was going to accept it for now anyways. Trudeau has left Canadians with the hope that there is still a chance for turning away from the TPP and instead focusing on the sovereignty of Canada. When it comes to big issues like the TPP, C-51, legalization, and more, it's clear that Canadians aren't going to be giving up on their rights that easily. Many are still hoping and looking to Trudeau and his party, to do the right thing in standing up for the citizens that they are in place to represent. 

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