Tories Scrambling To Build Support For C-51

As opposition for the anti-terrorism Bill C-51 continues to grow across the country, Tories and other supporters of the bill are scrambling to re-brand the anti-terrorism legislation in a desperate plea to garner more support. The Tories recently sent out a letter to their supporters claiming that Bill C-51 was designed to “prevent the spread of radical jihad” within Canada. And one member of the party even went so far as to send out a survey to his riding that bullied citizens for support, offering a questionnaire insinuating that they must sympathize with terrorists if they didn't support C-51. The party is rapidly losing steam with their fear campaign, as more citizens become aware of the dishonest agenda that is being pushed against them. 


Despite numerous security professionals coming out against this bill, various ex-Prime Ministers denouncing it, judges, legal professors, and ex-CSIS agents warning against it, heck even the Canadian Bar Association has overwhelmingly criticized it, the Tories are still adamant about pushing through this useless piece of legislation. Unashamed, the party recently took to sending out numerous e-mail messages to supporters that claimed C-51 was aimed toward combating “the recruitment of Canadians for radical jihadist terrorist groups like ISIS,” along with preventing any “radical jihad” from taking place. This assertion made in their e-mail is questionable, considering the fact that one man was recently arrested of human-trafficking in Turkey, who was caught trying to funnel young girls to join ISIS, and he claimed to be working in conjunction with Canadian authorities. Their e-mail cited two circumstances where Canadian authorities allegedly prevented individuals from flying over and trying to join with ISIS, and if Canadian authorities have the capabilities to accomplish such a task now, it seems evident that further powers are rather unnecessary. 


Bill C-51 will effectively erode the rule of law within Canada by deteriorating due process in the country, by allowing for indefinite detention to occur, promoting secrecy, and creating other worries. It would also lead to the introduction of a no-fly list. Harper and his party are dedicated to driving the nation toward a certain system that an increasing number of citizens don't agree with. When Canadians are more likely to die from falling down the stairs, being hit by lighting, stung by a bee, or drowning, then the claims made by the Tories in defense of C-51 come-off extremely weak to say the very least. “They haven’t at all really shown any evidence that there is radical Jihad in Canada,” said Mr. Easter, a former Liberal Cabinet minister who was responsible for the RCMP and CSIS when he was a solicitor general. As other legal experts and security professionals have repeatedly pointed out, there are already powers and tools in place to help Canadian authorities conduct their investigatory duties in combating any threat of terrorism. The only approach to this issue that is going to gain support for the Conservatives is one of instilling fear in Canadian citizens, and the party has clearly demonstrated that they have no issue with employing such a technique.



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