Terrorism Entrapment: Canadian Couple Re-arrested Shortly After Being Released

This was a profound case for Canadian legal history because it was the first time that entrapment was successfully used as a defense in a terrorism case. Both John Nuttall and Amanda Korody were released after British Columbia Supreme Court Justice Catherine Bruce recently determined that their legal dilemma was a case of entrapment. Justice Bruce also asserted that she didn't believe that the couple had the mental capacity to carry-out such an attack, if they didn't have help from the RCMP in planning it. 


They were released but shortly re-arrested on a peace bond and along with that peace bond they could be facing conditional restrictions for up to 12 months. The couple has now been released on bail following that arrest and they will allegedly be challenging the new order. Given the recent ruling, the British Columbia Civil Liberties Association has suggested that perhaps it is time for the police to re-think their anti-terrorism tactics. This is a message that has been reiterated by many: former security professionals, lawyers, former law enforcement officials, a variety of civil liberties advocates, and others. 


"It certainly signals to the police that these kinds of initiatives are going to be scrutinized by the court in a very rigorous fashion... [and] that is a very important signal," says BCCLA policy director Micheal Vohn. Another BCCLA member, litigation director Grace Pastine, said that the recent ruling was "a resounding rebuke of the RCMP's illegal activities," and what is very worrisome is that this ordeal was very costly to the taxpayers. Pastine says that this is a signal that it is past the time to enhance the accountability of the RCMP.



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