Syria: The Cost Of Failure

The U.S. along with various allies, has been engaged in ongoing warfare in the Syrian region for well over three years now. And the conflict isn't anywhere close to being resolved. Even after three years of ongoing warfare, things seem to be getting worse in the region now that tens of thousands have fled, and various nations are now involved and more invested in the situation. The conflict has now grown to include not only the U.S. and Syria, but also Russia, Canada, Turkey, the U.K., and others. Many are beginning to speculate that we could be seeing the beginning of another world war.


The few elite individuals who are largely responsible for crafting and manipulating policy within the U.S. to their favor, are clearly determined to continue with the Syrian conflict. Despite the fact that Syria is a sovereign nation and retains the right to establish its own internal political processes, the U.S. is adamant in arguing that Assad isn't fit to run the country. A country that elected him to be their leader. The citizens in North Korea also allegedly elected their leader, who has his own record of alleged human rights abuses and other worries; why hasn't the U.S. targeted this nation and engaged in a bombing campaign there as they have with others? Why is the U.S. afforded the unquestionable authority to cherry-pick which nations it wants to control and which ones it does not?

The U.S. is in violation of international law by engaging in this conflict as they are, and so are other nations like Canada who have decided to get involved without adhering to the appropriate channels of due process. There are many officials who continue to call for more violence on the issue, and not much at all is being said about peace. 

Not only has the West been found to have allegedly played a hand in crafting and manipulating these groups, but they've also funded and armed them; the same terrorists who they declared war against. Despite their self-destructive and self-perpetuating approach to terror, they continue to forge ahead. Never mind the billions of dollars that is being wasted, tens of thousands who have lost their lives and who have been forced to flee their homes, and the inescapable debt that continues to pile-up the longer they continue with this costly ghost-chase. This conflict is costing tens of millions of dollars every single day that it continues. This is funding that could be spent elsewhere, on something that would actually benefit society and not just a few private banks and arms dealers. 

Using The Media To Manipulate

When it comes to using the media as a tool to ramp-up support for war, it's something that U.S. officials have demonstrated that they aren't above doing. Shortly after any traumatic event occurs (like the recent mass shooting in San Bernardino), they quickly take to the platform in order to manipulate the emotions toward serving their own agenda. There is overwhelming evidence to support this notion, that the government isn't above attempting to control public opinion by using planted journalists, like we've seen in the past with Operation Mockingbird.

The coherent solution that we aren't going to hear being saturated throughout the media these days, is the option of non-interventionism. Canada especially should consider withdrawing from this conflict and focusing on a peace-keeping role in order to improve its international reputation. Surely, there are many Canadians who don't want their representatives to approve of decisions that will set the nation to go down the path of following the U.S. around the world and gaining the reputation of being any “world police.” Yet, despite Trudeau making insinuations that he would withdraw Canada's involvement in that conflict, he has since turned around and vowed to keep us fighting for the next few months.

To discuss any possible “libertarian” solutions to the conflict, Tom Woods joined the Press For Truth live show this past Tuesday, where him and Dan Dicks talked about the ongoing battle in the Syrian region, the worsening refugee crisis, politics in the U.S., and more.


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