Is Something Big Coming In 2015?

“Many people feel something isn't right with the world economy, but few know what it is..." -- Mike Maloney

Practically every nation on the planet today uses fiat currency. Together, the nations have collectively built-up an UN-imaginable amount of debt, together owing just over $200 trillion. And like the thousands of fiat currencies that have failed throughout human history already, the U.S. Dollar, Canadian Loonie, British Pound, and other fiat currencies around the world are expected to be no different. Real money like gold and silver has maintained its purchasing power for thousands of years, meanwhile countless paper fiat currencies have inevitably gone to zero. The U.S. dollar has been building-up too much debt for too many years, while few people (like Ron Paul, Mike Maloney, and others) have been trying to warn others of the big problems to come for many years now. As Richard Daughty, COO of Smith Consulting Group puts it, “no fiat currency has ever survived. None.”


A variety of financial experts, like Jeff Berwick, David Morgan, and others, are forecasting or warning that we could possibly see a huge financial collapse or shift later this year. The month of September has been tossed around as a possible option of when we might see something occur with the U.S. Dollar, according to some market analysts and spectators. However, there is also the possibility that we could see the Federal Reserve simply go the route of printing more money and extending the problem even further, like they have in the past. Many don't think that they will choose to do this again, but we cannot know for sure. Coinciding with the growing money problems, we also see that a number of countries are also increasing their war on cash and criminalizing cash transactions. There are also many countries around the world that are facing growing economic problems, namely Greece, Venezuela, and Japan.


Also, the long tradition of foreign governments keeping US bonds in their reserves is changing, and reflecting the shift in global financial power. China, as well as Russia, has been selling-off US bonds and increasing their gold holdings. Part of this shift is the flowing of gold from west to east. The US government likely has no gold at all in it’s storage, since there has not been an audit of Fort Knox since the early 50’s, while China and Russia are acquiring large amounts of gold. Could the U.S. economic collapse bring about the introduction of a new global digital currency, or could it prompt the introduction of a new gold-backed Chinese currency? These are some possibilities which have been suggested.


It is also suspected that the coming financial collapse is what the Jade Helm 15 exercises have been in preparation for or in relation to, an insinuation which authorities have thus far waved-off; concerns over the exercises have been rejected. Meanwhile, citizens continue to document the various activities occurring in their areas, of military equipment moving and numerous drills taking place. Some don't feel that they are being told the entire truth about the intentions fueling those exercises.


Other notable events that are planned to occur in the fall of 2015, are the visit from the Pope in September to the U.S., the 70th Session of the UN General Assembly in September, the blood moon tetrad will also take place in September, and the month of September will also mark the 7-year biblical cycle known as the Shemitah. Last year, the French Foreign Minister also declared, while US Secretary of State John Kerry nodded along in seeming agreement, that we only have 500 days left to avoid total “climate chaos,” the end of that 500 days falls in September as well.


Whenever emergencies strike unexpectedly, the shelves are empty within hours if not minutes. It doesn't hurt to prepare beforehand in any way that you can, and to hope for the best. If something does occur in that case, then you will likely see more success if you had thought about the problem that you might face beforehand. There are many who feel like something big is coming this year, what do you think?


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