This Side of Internet Paradise

By Caleb McMillan

The Internet has opened up a worm-hole the Corporate-State cannot close. Even Chinese authorities can't maintain their firewall. Despite Obama's “kill-switch,” shutting down internet servers is not as easy as Alex Jones makes it out to be. The authorities can't even successfully shut down the Pirate Bay and we're supposed to believe they have the power to shut down the entire Internet? Sounds like a psycho-op to makes us more fearful than we need to be.

The Internet is an escape hatch from globalist control. People often forget that the surface web is just that – the surface. There is the deep web, places you can't go with your Google Chrome browser. Silk Road was a perfect example. Oh, the Feds busted it? That's okay now there's a peer-to-peer version the Feds can't shut down. 3D printed guns? The authorities did their best to eradicate the torrents with these plans. But alas, they have no power here. Bitcoin is another popular example. Money disconnected from the Federal Reserve and incapable of being printed to infinity. Even if Bitcoin doesn't make it, cryptocurrencies aren't going away. There's an anonymity online that you can't get in the “real” physical world of state control. These are just a few examples.

But what about the growing surveillance state? Of course you can't have the good without the bad. Edward Snowden blew the whistle on the NSA, but he only further proved what many had been saying for years. The Internet gives Western governments the ability to track their citizens slaves in ways the KGB could have only dreamed of. Facebook and smart-phones give the CIA anything you're willing to provide.

Scary stuff. But you can see how panicked they are. The Corporate-State is losing its grip on power. Zbigniew Brzezinski even admitted that their program is getting harder to implement because of the “global awakening.” The Internet is the reason this awakening has been so successful. The authorities have lost their monopoly of communication, and now – as we see with NSA – they are scrambling to get it back. But for all the metadata they collect, there is more being created everyday. They may try their best to accumulate everything they can on everyone in the world but it is to no avail. State surveillance will never keep pace with a free market demanding anonymity.

It may look like the Corporate-State is in our smart-phones, watching us like Big Brother and invading our privacy. And there's some truth to that. But consider our access to dissident information compared with twenty years ago. They may have more information on us than they did back then, but there are steps we can take now to redirect their eyes. We have a larger proportion of information they don't want us to know compared to what they can have on us. They are morally, financially and spiritually bankrupt; we are prosperous. In the dynamics of liberty versus bondage – I'd say we're tipping towards liberty. You may disagree, but remember that it's always the darkest before dawn.


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