Scottish Independence – What is to be done?

Despite a last-minute flight from Australia, Bank of England Governor Mark Carney had nothing to worry about. Regarding Scotland's referendum for independence, the “No” vote won by 55% with 2,001,926 votes. The overall turnout was 84.5%.


Not everyone was satisfied with the results, however. As soon the vote count started, some were calling out alleged examples of fraud. In this video, you can see a table designated for “No” votes and yet, when zoomed in, the ballots clearly show an X marked in the “Yes” section. The second clip shows a man involved with the polling station writing on a piece of paper. Filling in “No” votes or just tallying up the total? Hard to say, but the third clip is a little more sketchy. It shows a woman mixing up the piles of “No” and “Yes” by moving around the papers. What exactly is she doing here?


Glasgow police are also investigating at least ten cases of people turning up to vote only to discover their names had already been crossed off the list. Not only does this suggest that other people were voting multiple times, but given the papers “were from 10 different boxes across Glasgow, and not concentrated in one area.” It hints to a larger conspiracy.


Of course these videos don't offer irrefutable evidence, but it's not a stretch to think there may be more than what meets the eye. Not only the British Establishment, but leaders worldwide stood by their fellow politicians and crony-capitalists in solidarity. A winning “Yes” vote would be a crucial blow to the Globalists plan. These are the same people that order death and destruction in the Middle East, then turn around and set up a police-surveillance state domestically, in the name of “democracy,” and “freedom” and anything that sounds good to voter's ears. As the polls narrowed, these people would have no problem stuffing the ballot box or influencing the results in some way.


Not that it would be hard. 3,619,915 people voted in this referendum. That's a lot of paper and that's a lot of people required to count that paper. The room for human error increases as does the ability to implement an agenda. David Cameron didn't need to personally make sure 383,937 votes said “No” on them. If keeping Scotland in the UK is as important to the establishment as say, keeping Afghanistan occupied, then there would have been agents working inside the system to ensure the ballots are counted “correctly.” Think of the famous quotation by Joseph Stalin, “it is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”


But I'm sure if you've read that a thousand times by now. So test this out: “Ideas are more powerful than guns. We would not let our enemies have guns, why should we let them have ideas.”


I think that second Stalin quote hits the nail on the head. People point out that Scotland wasn't about to separate and declare itself a libertarian utopia. The socialists would still be in charge and they are favorable to the European Union. But it was less about the practical technicalities of independence than it was about the idea. The establishment is trying to rob us of the idea that it's possible to separate. The idea that countries can get smaller, that we can have more liberty. This needs to be squashed quicker than the RCMP's retroactive ban on assault rifles.


Ditto for elections. If we've learned anything from democracy, it's that elections can be stolen. No surprise there for Americans, who's electronic voting system is so corrupt it's laughable. Anyone who thinks their electronic ballot is an honest one has a serious mental block. The evidence for fraud is overwhelming. But what we learned in Scotland is that even paper ballots can be corrupted. No surprise for Canadians familiar with the robocall scandal. Paper or electronic – politicians will find ways to get the results they want.


An establishment conspiracy isn't always needed, either. Like I mentioned above, there were 3,619,915 ballots that needed to be counted in a certain time-frame. That's a lot of paper in a lot different regions and that's a lot of different people from all walks of life that are needed to count that paper. People have their own agendas. Not everyone is a pure-at-heart democrat that wants what is true, good and honest. And even if everyone was a humble bumbling idiot, the room for human error is too great.


Ballots cannot be trusted. Voting doesn't work when selecting between governments, why would it work for creating a new one? The Quebecois nationalists know how to play the game. In the 1995 referendum on Quebec sovereignty, they willingly threw out “No” votes. Fortunately for them, the internet was in its infancy, nothing like it is today. This cover-up remains out of mainstream debate. Today we have the means to challenge the statist quo. The Scots have every right to denounce the results as fraudulent. But forget an official investigation. Like elections and referendums, state investigations of itself are also a waste of time and money.


What is to be done? Another referendum? Tighter civil security to keep personal agendas out of the ballot box? Please don't be naive. We don't win back our freedom by asking the State nicely. And we can't win it back by becoming violent, either. We have to hit them where it hurts the most. Hit them at the core of their power: the money.


Give “We the People” the power over money and we care not who makes the nations laws. For it will be irrelevant. Without the power to create money, their power diminishes considerably. You don't need a majority at the ballot box. You need ten percent awake and committed. Minority Rules.

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