Russian air strikes destroy hundreds of militants

According to Russian President Vladimir Putin, their Syrian strikes have managed to kill hundreds of militants. Putin is calling for a shared military effort on the effort, in order to prevent militant incursions to Syria from Afghanistan. Putin claims that his military efforts have achieved “impressive” results since they've begun launching strikes on Syria back on Sept 30th. They claim that they have taken-out dozens of control facilities, many ammunition depots, hundreds of terrorists, and a large number of weapons have also been targeted and destroyed. 

The ongoing strikes from Russia (which have the permission of President Assad) have angered the U.S., who continue to discredit the efforts across a variety of media and news platforms. Despite them criticizing the strikes, a growing number in the public seem supportive, because many people want to finally see some success when it comes to the fight against ISIS. The U.S. has been engaged in an ongoing battle with them for many months now, they've spent billions, and not much (if anything at all) has seemingly been achieved by the warfare. If anything, the problem seems much worse, because we've seen many more terror videos released to the media since the U.S. began their fight against the terror group. There has also been an increasing number of bills and various pieces of legislation passed, in an effort to fight this war on terror, whilst simultaneously threatening the civil liberties of the citizenry (bill c-51)

Despite rumors stating otherwise, Putin continued to shrug-off claims that Russia would be involving troops on the ground. "Terrorists of all kinds are getting increasing clout and aren't hiding their plans of further expansion,... One of their goals is to push into the Central Asian region. It's important that we are prepared to react to this scenario together,” said Putin. 

Of course, when it comes to the media we know that we cannot blindly trust everything that they say on the matter. It has been well-documented that the intelligence community has had journalists on their pay roll, in an effort to mold public opinion; especially on matters of foreign policy. And right now the Western media can't seem to stop attacking Putin and his involvement in the situation in Syria. 


The chaos is becoming increasingly complicated in Syria, as tension between the U.S. and Russia continues to escalate over who should do what in response to the ongoing terror threat there. Not only that, but the U.S. wants to continue to juggle support for those in the Syrian region who feel that their government is not representative of them. Just recently the U.S. sent at least 50 tons of ammo to Syrian rebels, to help fund their overthrow of Assad



Putin has said that the Russian air campaign will continue in Syria, “for the period of the Syrian troops' offensive operations against terrorists.” And he would not expand any further on that point. The Russian military has been active in rejecting claims that there have been civilian casualties, saying that they have not targeted populated areas in the region. Many are carefully following the situation, hoping that the U.S. and Russia can remain civil, in that they will opt to actively negotiate with one another; hoping warfare activities don't increase overseas.


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