Russia Seeks Revenge Against Turkey Over Downed Plane

Russia has threatened economic retaliation against Turkey now that they shot down two of Russia's planes. Russia has said that it is still waiting for a reasonable explanation as to why the warplanes were targeted. Despite the demands, Turkey has responded by calling the threats “emotional” and “unfitting.” Both President Putin and President Tayyip Erdogan are pointing the finger of blame at each other, accusing the other party of being the one to financially support terrorist groups overseas.


The recent attack on Russian planes has only served to further complicate the situation in the area. And because Turkey is a NATO member, there are many waiting to see if any allies will be called in to take part in this worsening situation. Despite the fears of many that this could lead to a new world war, various world leaders have urged that they want to avoid escalation on the matter.

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has ordered his government to now craft measures that would include freezing some joint investment projects with Turkey. They are also considering placing limits on flights to and from Turkey. Russia's defense ministry has also said that it has suspended any cooperation with the Turkish military. Shortly after President Putin found out about the recent attack on his planes, he called the move a “stab in the back.”

Dan Dicks was joined this week by James Corbett of and Paul Verge of, to discuss the recent downing of the Russian jet, the build-up to world war, the ongoing refugee situation, and more. 




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