Rocco Galati Is Preparing A Court Challenge Against Bill C-24

Rocco Galati is a Toronto-based Constitutional lawyer, who is well known for his involvement in the ongoing COMER vs Bank of Canada case. Just this week, Galati professed that he is in the midst of preparing a court challenge against the controversial Bill C-24. He plans to have the proceedings take place later in the fall or in the early winter of this year. Galati has said that controversy over Bill C-24 has been brewing for quite some time now, ever since the bill was first introduced. However, there is renewed interest over the bill as it just recently became law.

C-24 has now effectively created second-class citizenship within Canada. Those who are Canadian, whether or not they were born here, who have eligibility to seek citizenship elsewhere; they are now at risk of facing potential exile. Amnesty International has said that the law discriminates against dual citizens by suggesting that they are somehow “less Canadian,” because they have dual citizenship or are able to seek it elsewhere. The new bill gives immigration officials the discretion over whether or not to revoke citizenship for an individual, and there will be little in the way of appeals for the individual to seek some clarity or remedy of some sort.

Not only has Galati professed his intent to challenge Bill C-24, but he has also indicated previously that he will be interested in heading a
court challenge against Bill C-51. Being a Constitutional lawyer, Galati is used to battling the government in court over their controversial decisions, trying to hold them accountable to the Charter and Constitution which they must respect and uphold. Galati has previously warned that the Canadian court system and independent judiciary, is the “last bastion of balancing the rights of the citizens against the rights of the government, and making sure that the government doesn't turn into a dictatorship.”

Like with the newly implemented Bill C-51, the Canadian Bar Association has also criticized Bill C-24 and asked for the government to amend the bill in order to ensure fairer and more efficient legislation. Traditionally, it has been a lengthy and difficult process under the immigration system, to go about taking away an individuals citizenship for bad behavior. However, under the new rules with the Strengthening Canadian Citizenship Act (Bill C-24), citizens can now have their citizenship rescinded for a variety of reasons other than the main concern of fraud in the application process.



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