Rand Paul Temporarily Halts Patriot Act and NSA Spying

The Patriot At was set to expire, but Rand Paul successfully delayed its renewal. It can still be renewed in just days from now. But for now, it's a triumph for Paul, and for those who are opposed to the warrant-less NSA spying. Thanks to his continued efforts, at midnight on Monday, three surveillance provisions within the Patriot Act expired.


To no surprise, Republican members have been very outspoken over their discontent with Paul's move and his stance on the matter. They want to continue with this program in an uninterrupted fashion. Their justification for warrant-less spying, will always be one that is rooted in (and appeals only to) fear.


“The President continues to conduct an illegal program” says Paul, and he's right; now that the courts have effectively labeled the spying to be unconstitutional. Regardless of the outcry over the illegality of this program and these actions from the state, the authorities are still spying on the masses. “Are we going to so blindly go along and take it?,” asked Paul. “I’m not going to take it anymore,” he added. “I don’t think the American people are going to take it anymore,” he warned. 


Those who are in favor of the spying, say that Paul is taking a soft stance on terrorism. Because they feel that the only way to be against and to try to catch terrorists, is to wrongfully suspect and investigate millions of innocent citizens along the way. When it isn't clear what you are looking for, you might as well just investigate everybody, right? Thankfully, Paul was clear when he made the distinction, “I actually want more collection of records on terrorists, I just want less collection of innocent Americans,” says Paul. It's clear that Paul isn't soft on terrorism, far from in, but anyone who ever takes a stance against these overbearing anti-terror legislation is always deemed to be sympathetic or soft toward terrorism. 


Some representatives even went so far as to claim that we would be playing “Russian roulette with national security” if we didn't renew the Patriot Act effectively. Thankfully, a growing number in the public isn't buying-into and cowering to the agenda of fear, that gets fueled by the media and representatives who are keen on violating civil liberties. The battle against unjust spying has grown fiercely since Edward Snowden first leaked his NSA documents to the media and the world. Since then, the debate on this topic has continued to flourish, with a growing number of people not seeing the benefit any longer (or the legality) in conducting these types of massive spying programs. 


Not willing to pass-up the opportunity to spin some fear rhetoric, CIA Director John Brennan told CBS, “I think terrorist elements have watched very carefully what has happened here in the United States. Whether or not it’s disclosures of classified information, or whether it’s changes in the law and policies, they’re looking for the seams to operate within.” However, considering the fact that past CIA directors (including Brennan himself) have lied under oath to the American public and its authorities. It's not surprising that they would argue in favor of illegal and unjust spying. For now, many innocent citizens are still being spied on unjustly and it doesn't seem like Rand has in any way really made any legitimate victory when it comes to ceasing that activity. The Patriot Act can still be renewed, and even if it isn't; there are still alternative programs in place that will assist in bulk data collection for the state. 


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