Ralph Nader's Response To Harper's Fear-Mongering

 Prime Minister Stephen Harper has been in overdrive recently with his fear-mongering of the Islamic State and growing threat of ISIS throughout the Middle East. Harper never misses-out on the opportunity to remind Canadians repeatedly that they are at war with ideological radical Islam. American activist Ralph Nader has responded sternly to Harper's fear-mongering with an open letter, Nader: Will Canadians Fall Prey To A Politics of Fear.


In his post, Nader reminds readers that the new controversial anti-terrorism legislation is being condemned by various legal, security, and policing professionals, as well as from various civil liberties scholars, as it is potentially hazardous to Canadian democracy. Nader directs his questioning to Harper, “[You're] quoted as saying that 'jihadi terrorism is one of the most dangerous enemies our world has ever faced' as a predicate for your gross overreaction that 'violent jihadism seeks to destroy' Canadian 'rights.' Really? Pray tell, which rights rooted in Canadian law are 'jihadis' fighting in the Middle East to obliterate? You talk like George W. Bush. How does 'jihadism' match up with the lives of tens of millions of innocent civilians, destroyed since 1900 by state terrorism — west and east, north and south — or the continuing efforts seeking to seize or occupy territory?” asks Nader.


Nader reiterates the well-known premise that Canada is traditionally a peace-keeping nation. However, Harper has been taking the country in the wrong direction with promoting Canada's involvement in various military conflicts overseas. Nader insists that Canada's traditional peace-keeping efforts have been replaced by engaging the Canadian military in the “belligerent service of the American Empire and its boomeranging wars, invasions and attacks,” which are clear violations to various international treaties, statutes, and the US Constitution itself.


There are a growing number who are realizing, despite continued fear-mongering efforts from current administration representatives, that America's war on terror hasn't accomplished much. It would be foolish for any nation to follow in the failed footsteps of the US; to bankrupt their people while chasing ghosts for decades. If anything at all, the war on terror has actually created more harm than good. The blowback “evidenced by the metastasis of Al Qaeda’s offshoots and similar new groups like the self-styled Islamic State are now proliferating in and threatening over a dozen countries.” says Nader.


Harper himself has even admitted that it is unknown how Bill C51 will fight terrorism any more effectively than systems and methods which are already in place to do so. Despite this reality, he stills wants to forge ahead with a piece of legislation that will greatly undermine the free and democratic legal process in the country. As well, he wants to force Canada's hand into international conflicts, regardless if the nation can afford to engage in such scenarios or if it is in the best interest of the Canadian people.








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