Putin attacks the U.S. over failed attempts to quell terror

President Putin addressed current international armed conflicts in the Middle East, when he addressed the 12th annual Valdai Discussion Club meeting this week. Putin spent a lot of time criticizing the efforts of the U.S. on the fight against ISIS, implying that if anything, their actions are hurting the cause. Putin called on the international community to focus on diplomatic solutions, and he encouraged listeners to consider the vast implications that further conflict would produce for the global community. Putin said that his military efforts in Syria are solely dedicated to the cause of peace, as he sees terrorist groups there a threat to the security of Russia as well. 

Putin directly called-out the U.S. repeatedly for their seemingly misguided efforts when it comes to the war on terror. How can one “declare a war against terrorists, and then at the same time try to use terrorists” he said; in an effort to arrange pieces on the chessboard of the Middle east. He brought attention to the fact that not only have they accidentally sent weapons that have ended-up in the arms of violent extremists, but that the threat of terror has only seemed to increase since their involvement. Surely, a lack of victory thus far, couldn't be the result of a shortcoming in military might, suggested Putin.


It isn't any secret that the West has been found to have ties to violent extremists overseas. They've long ago declared a war on terror, and yet terror only seems to be increasing around the world. Even though it looks like they could use some help when it comes to the ongoing fight, they've done nothing but criticize Russia's efforts to get involved in the situation.  



Despite the cries over Russia's involvement in the fight against terror, President Putin insists that his actions are seeking to stop the ongoing terror threat. It is alleged that Russia's air-strikes have already managed to kill hundreds of militants in Syria, despite the U.S. and its allies allegedly refusing to help by sharing any valuable intel on the matter.


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