Public Won't Be Able To Welcome Syrian Refugees To Canada

Thursday night it is expected that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will be visiting the Toronto Pearson Airport in order to welcome a new batch of Syrian refugees to the country. The refugees are arriving via military transport, and it looks like the public is going to be being prevented from welcoming them at the airport. There will be no public access to the special gate where the refugees will arrive, nor will there be access inside the refugee welcome center.


Previously, Syrian refugees who arrived in Calgary, were met by dozens of strangers carrying signs, warm winter clothing, teddy bears, and candy. Some locals simply showed-up because they wanted to share their story about immigrating to Canada. But this time those looking to do the same, will have to look for another venue. As citizens continue to flee these countries, many thousands of citizens have taken to the streets to show their compassion for the refugees. Whether it be offering a ride, water, clothes, money, or kind words, it is clear that there are many around the world who do want to help.


Not everyone is happy to help though. There is an increased level of suspicion and anger surrounding those who are entering new countries like Canada, Germany, and others, following this ongoing war in Syria. Many believe that they will now need to live their life in fear of an imminent terrorist attack taking place within their nation, because of the influx of new individuals traveling to the country. But there are many more activities and items which we should readily fear, before we should be prompted to live in fear of any potential terrorist attack. That isn't to dismiss the reality that some of those individuals couldn't potentially pose a threat, but so too could many millions who are already within Canada.


As countries around the world continue to scramble with the influx of refugees, war in Syria continues to heat-up. The number of players taking part continues to grow, with Russia, the U.S., Canada, the UK, Germany, and others taking part. The tension is prompting some to speculate that this could be the beginning if the next world war.



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