Province Moves To Endorse Fluoridation Using 70 Year Old Junk Data

On November 27, 2014. MPP Bob Delaney of Mississauga-Streetsville presented a motion for the province of Ontario to fully endorse water fluoridation.

Mr. Delaney started his presentation by stating that he had looked into the anti fluoridation “junk science” that fringe candidates had been promoting during election campaigns. Also that he met with dental proffesionals from the Halton and Peel regions over the summer (which is important and will be explained).

I wonder if the Harvard University study showing that fluoride exposure lowers IQ of children, was part of the junk science he reviewed in the summer? Or if the study published in the Lancet medical journal calling fluoride a neurotoxin and that it is part of a Brain Damage Pandemic was also part of that junk science?

Mr. Delaney then goes on to explain what naturally occuring fluoride (calcium fluoride) is. There is only one problem, calcium fluoride is not what is being used in fluoridation programs. Hydrofluorocilicic acid, a known hazardous waste product is being used to fluoridate water. This chemical does not even have one single study proving that it is safe for human consumption. (after I present Hamilton city council with a petition to remove the chemical, they responded by asking Health Canada to provide safety studies on it. Here we are nearly 3 years later and still waiting)

He then goes on to explain that they are “doing something right” and that water fluoridation is saving children from tooth decay. Despite statistics Canada information showing the exact opposite. ( Flouridation may not do much for cavities

After going on about his childhood and experiences of tooth decay, Mr. Delaney then brings up the cities of Stratford, Ont. and Brantford, Ont. For anyone who has not researched the history of fluoridation in Canada, this would be meaningless. But the reality is that he is refering to the original fluoridation trials for the country. That took place in 1945.

The 1945 studies where conducted with 3 control cities. Stratford, Ont. with naturally occuring fluoride (calcium fluoride) in the water, Sarnia, Ont. with no fluoride, and Brantford, Ont. with artificial fluoride.

The studies conlcuded 10 years later, and hailed artificial fluoridation as a huge success. Claiming that tooth decay rates had been lowered by as much as 60% in Brantford.

In 1959 a peer reviewed report on the studies was published by Dr. Philip Sutton, titled: Fluoridation Errors And Ommisions In Experimental Trails.

Dr. Sutton found that the studies included:

- Inapproriate experimental and statistical methods
– Failure to consider random variation, examiner variability, and examiner bias
– Omissions of relevent data
– Mathimatical errors
– Misleading comments
– Many of the reports during the trail where either doubtful or non existant

After Mr. Delaney stepped down, MPP after MPP showed support. Including Hamilton mountain MPP Monique Taylor.

Taylor made the claim that “Many people of this province cannot even afford a tube of toothpaste” and implied that this is why we need fluoridation. This claim is flat out outragious! Toothpaste is sold at dollar stores and is even given out at food banks.

The promotion of these down right silly talking points is not happening by chance. Mr. Delaney brought this motion forth this motion after meeting with officials from Halton and Peel regions. Both of which have been the center of heavy debate about fluoridation. The region of Halton recently voted to keep fluoridating with a council vote that was victorious by one vote.

The region of Peel was recently warned about having legal action taken against them. Below is my coverage of that.

Officials from both regions have decided to go to the provincial government to “endorse” the fluoridation programs, rather than listen to the people and/or even lawyers.

Fluoridation programs are falling apart and as they do, we can expect to see more of these types of actions. Pro fluoride campains are built on endorsements by governing bodies instead of science. They are built on demonizing “fringe” candidates, they are built on attempts to demonize anyone speaking out about it.

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