Press For Truth & Other Independent Media Getting Attacked By Unknown Forces

Dan Dicks of Press For Truth joined WAM's Josh Sigurdson for a discussion about an ever growing problem within the world of independent media.


For years Press For Truth has been putting out incredible ground breaking reports and interviews, but recently hackers have been adamant about keeping down. Many people can't access the site due to error messages and virus warnings popping up. Links have a big red 'X' next to them and it's pushing people away. While Dan Dicks works on fixing this problem, PFT's likes have dropped drastically over the past year without end. While the likes were nearly at 400,000, they've dropped to about 364,000 and every day the likes drop despite more and more consistent reporting coming out of the incredible and influential independent media.

Along with this issue, there's of course view manipulation and for people like Luke Rudkowski of We Are Change, his videos are actually banned in places like France!

Josh talked about his ban from monetizing most videos due to the videos being "controversial". WAM's also faced dislike campaigns, bans from sharing in groups on Facebook and days where the views on videos don't get tallied at all despite the likes going up as well as abundant shares.

All of this aside, we in independent media all know this comes with the territory and expect it. While we're getting a lot thrown at us these days, it's only making us stronger and we continue to adapt. We will just continue to fight harder and harder. We know the times we live in and we're on the doorstep of the New World Order. Nothing will get us to give up, so don't worry good people. We'll always be there for you and we hope you'll be there for us as well as we continue to strive to keep our head above the water as the wave of state en-captures the world. It's up to us to inform the people regarding the fight we have at hand.


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