Press For Truth Confronts "Officer Bubbles"

The G20 Summit in Toronto will never be forgotten for many Canadians who witnessed the destruction of everything that makes us proud and patriotic. Our rights were violated, our city was terrorized and our police force have demonstrated that absolute power corrupts absolutely as in the case with Officer A. Josephs aka "Officer Bubbles".

On September 11th 2010 Press For Truth videographer Bryan Law questioned Officer Bubbles about his behavior during the G20 summit to which he responded "I did my job, I'm a Police Officer". At the time we felt that releasing a video would only further distract people away from the real issues of the G20 by focusing on the bubbles spectacle...however in light of the fact that Officer Bubbles has recently launched a 1.2 Million dollar lawsuit against YouTube in which 25 people are involved for leaving comments we felt it was time to show the world what Josephs had to say about his job, the infamous bubbles incident and his views on the police state.
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