Pope Francis warns of third world war and calls for church doors to remain open

Not long after the Paris attacks, Pope Francis came out to warn his followers and the world about the possibility for more danger. Pope Francis said that the piecemeal “world war” continues to rage around the globe and that those involved in conflict are only “damned” delinquents who are interested solely in the benefit of monetary gain. And those in the West who are found to be funding, arming, and supplying those delinquents, weren't called-out by the Pope.

War is a choice for getting rich, and humankind has chosen “the path of war, of hatred, of enmity... Those who make war are damned, they're delinquents. War can be 'justified' for many reasons. But when the whole world is at war, as it is today... there is no justification. And God weeps,” said the Pope. Since then, Pope Francis has also declared that the doors to the Catholic church must remain open around the world. “Please, no armored doors in the Church, everything open,... There are places in the world where doors should not be locked with a key,” he says. He wasn't specific on whether or not he would be applying this open-door policy to the treasure room at the Vatican or even the country itself; which is arguably the most difficulty country in the world to immigrate to.

 The growing concern for a new world war continues to spread, as the conflict in Syria carries on. Not only has Russia, Canada, France, and the United States currently been engaged in air-strikes there, but China could now also be looking to get involved. Trudeau had insinuated that Canada was going to withdraw offensively from the conflict, and instead focus more on humanitarian efforts, but since then he's turned around and pledged our involvement up until next year at the very least.

Canada is also looking to accept thousands of refugees into the country, a plan which the RCMP and CSIS have demonstrated that they are on board with. If you haven't yet, please take the time to check-out the recent video discussing the concerns surrounding that plan and a little history of these organizations when it comes to their involvement with terror.



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