Police Don't Condone Pedophile-Catcher 'Vigilante Groups'

 The RCMP are not condoning the actions of some 'vigilante' groups that have made it their mission to search out and catch pedophiles in the community. The police say that their actions put public safety at risk.

This comes after the 'Creep Catcher' group is said to have recently caught an RCMP officer that was allegedly interested in having sex with a 14-year-old girl. But shortly after that officer was publicly shamed, now the group has come out and apologized for the wrong guy being targeted over the matter.


It has been claimed that the suspected officer from the recent set-up had been arrested and taken into custody, but now the group says that the wrong guy got mentioned and he has since been released. Acting RCMP commanding officer Brenda Butterworth-Carr has previously confirmed that there is an ongoing criminal investigation over the mater and an ongoing internal code of conduct investigation. That officer in question had been removed from duty and had been suspended, and now the group is apologizing.


When the video started to go viral, people started commenting in the comment thread that they knew who it was and a certain individual took the fall who shouldn't have because he was wrongfully identified. If the allegations hold any weight then it is said that the organization will separate itself from whichever individual is guilty of trying to engage in such an act.


Criminal investigators say that groups like Creep Catchers and other pedophile-hunting associations seek to publicly shame the individual, whereas the police seek to arrest, charge, and successfully follow through with prosecuting the individual with a proper conviction. The police themselves have their own criminal investigation units to hunt pedophiles and they say that the efforts of groups like this set back their investigations and they have made it clear that they don't condone the behavior.


As far as groups like Creep Catchers go, in essence what they are doing is trying to establish a private method for finding and exposing pedophiles. After sharing messages online, they arrange to meet in very controlled and often public locations. Video recordings and private messages are then exposed online for all the world to see. The RCMP wants that job to be left up to them alone and they've issued a warning that these groups should stop trying to flush out child predators.

The group says that they are trying to protect children and they insist that they are a non-violent group. It is alleged that the Surrey chapter of the Creep Catchers group has turned over roughly 200 e-mails to that were allegedly exchanged between the man they targeted and the decoy to the RCMP for their ongoing investigation.


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