Police Attack Anti-Austerity Protesters In Quebec

Anti-austerity protesters in Quebec had a rough run-in with the police this week, to the point where several even ended up getting shot directly in the face with tear gas. Apparently “stunned” by the police officer's actions, the family of one student has already affirmed that they will be pressing charges against one Quebec City police officer for allegedly attacking their daughter. "I was gasping for air… I lost consciousness," said Trudeau-Tremblay, an 18-year-old Quebec City post-secondary CEGEP student. It all started when a large group of students gathered outside of Quebec's National Assembly on Thursday following the release of the latest provincial budget. Students could be seen approaching officers, then shoving between the two groups began, before the officers started firing.



"There is no right reason to shoot someone directly in the face," said Camille Godbout of student protest group ASSÉ. Godbout insists that the officers didn't need to shoot the students directly in the face, "They're shooting directly at people instead of shooting, for example, in the air," she said. The officers also allegedly trapped protesters, refusing them from leaving the premises (as is tyrannical tradition). Many were seen helping one another to rinse their eyes out after the attack. Without surprise, the police department didn't skip a beat in coming out to defend their actions. One Quebec City spokesman told CBC that the police only attacked the protesters after physical altercations broke out.  "I will not comment on the video, because you see the first time they start to advance, and then they charge the policemen, and you know tear gas is used to avoid body-to-body confrontation and to disperse the [protesters]," said François Moisan of the Quebec City police. Unsurprisingly, there are also several apologists who are saying that the students shouldn't have advanced against (allegedly shoved) the officers and that they didn't listen to the request that was made for them to evacuate the area, so then those individuals apparently have no right to complain that they in-turn got brutally attacked by the men in uniform. 


The newly announced provincial budget proposes over $729 million in cuts, including many that are to social services, health, and education. It's no wonder that the people are upset, they get extorted from on a daily basis, and the services which they value most are the ones that are always first to get sacrificed. However, isn't it convenient for the state that there always seems to be enough funding left for wars and other unjust endeavors. In the instance this week with the student protesters and police in Quebec, the police ended-up using both tear gas and rubber bullets against the protesters and dozens ended-up being arrested. There have been protests between the police and students in Quebec previously over various issues, when asked why prior instances hadn't resulted in the same violence, one protester responded, “it was very intense, I must say, the protesters now [don't] seem to care about police anymore,... when the police try to intimidate protesters and blocking the way, people stood their ground and kept going forward.” he says. 



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