Outrage Over Water Conditions In Flint

In order to save money while a new pipeline was being built, the city of Flint, Michigan, had started pumping water from the Flint river instead of the getting it from Detroit. The river however is much more corrosive and has leaked harmful lead into the water supply. It wasn't until a year after the state made the switch, that they finally acknowledged possible problems with the drinking water. They waited even longer until asking for federal help in order to tackle the issue.



When it boils down to pointing a finger of blame, many are looking at the neglectful actions of the state as a major cause of the problem. Some residents were even told by city officials that there was nothing wrong with the water and that it was fine, only now we know that is very far from the truth. A state of emergency has been declared in the area for several weeks now and it has impacted tens of thousands of citizens in the area. It is estimated that the cost of replacing Flint's water infrastructure could be roughly $767 million. Keep in mind, that this $700 million amount is far less money than the federal government currently spends on bombing countries overseas.


Popular figures on the left, like Michael Moore, have unsurprisingly deemed the situation to be a “racial crisis,” even though there are families from a variety of ethnic origins and economic backgrounds who are all suffering from the same water problem. What made matters much worse with the water crisis, was when city officials started telling lies to the public and covering-up the reality of the cause for concern. A lack of regulation in this case wasn't the problem.


The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has criticized Michigan state officials for their alleged resistance in working with federal regulators in order to make sure that the drinking water would be safe. This shouldn't have happened and it looks as if their direct negligence and disregard for safety is what contributed to the problem. While EPA and state officials were busy arguing over whether or not the situation should prompt worry and concern, a growing number of citizens were continuing to drink the water and become sick. At the end of the day, it was up to the State of Michigan to be responsible for implementing the regulations in order to protect the drinking water and they failed miserably.


Celebrities have begun donating bottles of water to the cause and the White House has announced that it is going to appoint Nicole Lurie over the task of overseeing the federal response to the ongoing crisis. The water crisis comes as an embarrassment to a country that commonly prides itself on being one of the most richest and developed nations on earth. Clinton and Sanders are already using the situation to their advantage, by rallying further support for having called-out the governor Rick Snyder over his inaction on the matter. Donald Trump simply said the matter was “a shame” and that it shouldn't have been allowed to happen.  


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