Outlook Doesn't Look Good For Harper

The official election campaign is well underway in Canada, and there is only a little over a month left until Canadians will cast their votes in October. Despite Harper trying to rally support for the party, the Tories seem to have eroded their reputation permanently with many Canadians. However, even though the party continues to struggle in the polls, we could still be surprised and see some victory for them in this election. For now though, they are trailing behind, and it looks like NDP are taking the lead. 


According to one recent Forum survey, it was revealed that most Canadians don't think that they are better off since the Tories took power back in 2011. And when it comes to the controversial Bill C-51 (Anti-Terrorism Act) alone, they'd be right. But when a recent survey asked Canadians how they felt about their standard of living currently, only about 34 percent of Canadians believed that they were better off; according to the poll. Housing prices and daily costs have gone up, and they will continue to increase so long as we continue with this self-destructive monetary scheme. Even though the price of things has gone up, many people haven't seen their salaries increase in correlation, and therefore many people are struggling and don't think the Tories are going to fix the problem. 


Thus far, the Tories haven't demonstrated any initiative to want to address the real estate bubble in Canada, or the monetary issues that we face. Instead, they would like to look the other way as interest rates are cut/lowered, which we know from past experience only exacerbates the problems in the market. Although, they have proposed the idea of tracking foreign ownership, as a way to somehow make life more affordable for Canadians. When it comes to solutions with real estate bubbles and the market, the others aren't any closer to a solution than the Tories. When it comes to those real issues, the NDP and Liberals haven't addressed it effectively within their political promises. For now, the only candidate party with a realistic solution for monetary improvement would be the Libertarian Party of Canada. 


Another recent national survey by Mainstreet Research, found that many Canadians don't know which of the three main federal party leaders would be best suited to fix the Senate. The poll revealed that Canadians don't trust Harper any less than his political rivals when it comes to fixing the Senate and bringing a real solution. The parties closely following one another in the polls also supports the notion that there isn't a clear distinction just yet for Canadians, about who will really be the best candidate to represent the interest of the citizenry. Regardless, NDP continue to perform ahead of the others in the polls, even though they trail behind the Tories in campaign donations. 


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