Ottawa Mayor Wants To Know Why Police Allow Dispensaries To Continue To Operate

 Cannabis still isn't legal in Canada even though Trudeau said it was one of the first things that he was going to take care of. But he also said he was going to address c-51 promptly and he hasn't gotten around to that either yet. For now however, cannabis dispensaries in operation are technically in violation of the law and are exercising civil disobedience. And Ottawa's mayor says that until it is fully legalized, police should continue the crackdown.

Since Trudeau took office, several dispensaries across the nation have been raided and people continue to be arrested over this plant. Some dispensaries opened the very next day and there was strong backlash from the public over the move of police departments to allocate resources for the enforcement of cannabis regulation, when many agree that there are surely much more pressing things that could be worried about. Canadians are growing impatient and they want to see the charade ended over cannabis criminalization.


Ottawa legislators want to know why the police are not enforcing the rules and why cannabis shops continue to be “allowed” to operate in the community. Never mind that they might be helping sick people and simply making voluntary and peaceful exchanges. These controllers want that market option shut down for the people and they are going to press to see that it happens. Mayor Jim Watson says that if people continue to operate in distributing cannabis to the public then those people can expect to be fined.





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