Obama announces Agenda 2030 during United Nations speech

This past week has been quite eventful in the U.S., with the main focus being Pope Francis visiting for the first time and taking part in a variety of festivities, and the UN holding its global climate change summit where it discussed its new Agenda 2030 plans. During the summit, Obama took to the stage and professed that we should be “proud of our accomplishments” thus far, but that there was still much work to be done. Particularly, with forcing the world toward the path of accepting Agenda 2030 and its various sustainable development goals.



Pulling at the heartstrings, he detailed in-length the urgent need for collective action to address these various “sustainable goals” that the UN wants implemented around the world. “When 11 boys and girls die every single minute from preventable causes, we know [that] we have more work to do,” said Obama during his speech. We know that we also have more work to do when thousands of innocent children are being killed by drone strikes in unjust wars overseas as well. But Obama neglected to mention that ugly reality during his speech.


When discussing current conditions around the world, Obama pointed out that “more than 1 billion people have lifted themselves up from extreme poverty,” but he fails to thank the system which helped these individuals go about doing exactly that; which is the capitalist market he so frequently enjoys to berate. “There are millions without clean water and toilets,” he says, many living on less than $2 per day who are “gripped by the ache of an empty stomach” says Obama. And surely many of the same are gripped by the crippling debt-cycle that fiat currency breeds. But for some reason Obama didn't want to discuss any true underlying causes of debt or poverty in the world, like the federal reserve fiat monetary scheme, during his speech either. He professed that we need "to learn from the past" in order to learn where we fell short, but he apparently hasn't learned the reality from the past that thousands of fiat currencies have failed and inevitably ended-up at their true value of zero. 


“Millions of lives can be saved if we work together,” said Obama. Does he mean when we work collectively in a voluntary way, or an involuntary way? There are thousands of children suffering right now who are sitting in solitary confinement (which many criminology professionals consider to be a method of torture) in the U.S. alone. There are also thousands of homeless and starving children in the U.S. right now, many in the Washington area itself. Without having successfully remedied those problems in any way, Obama is at the UN summit now professing that together they will be able to remedy the problems of poverty around the world. No wonder he declared early-on in his speech that cynicism was an enemy. 


The number one goal of the Agenda 2030 plans, is to apparently end poverty around the world, in all of its forms. Other goals include reducing “inequality within and among countries,” “ensuring sustainable consumption and production patterns,” “ensuring gender equality and [empowering] all women and girls,” among many other initiatives.



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