Now Canadians Can Grow Cannabis At Home

Effective as of this week, Canadians who have their medical cannabis license are going to be able to grow their own cannabis at home. This will apply to Canadians who have a doctor prescription for cannabis and who have registered with Health Canada. The changes stem from a recent ruling in the Allard case, where the judge decided that it was unconstitutional for the government to prevent Canadians from being able to grow their own cannabis at home.


Meanwhile, Canadians who don't have a medical license are still patiently waiting for the legalization that Trudeau promised them. It's expected that they won't see that unfold entirely until 2017.


"In general, every one (1) gram of dried marijuana authorized will result in the production of five (5) plants indoors or two (2) plants outdoors,... Individuals must indicate in their application whether they intend to produce marijuana plants indoors, outdoors, or partial indoors/partial outdoors. Individuals seeking to produce outdoors must confirm that the production site is not adjacent to a school, public playground, daycare or other public place mainly frequented by children," according to the Health Canada website.



Not everyone is happy about the changes. Some medical professionals are fear mongering over the changes, saying that for patients growing at home they will have more of a risk that they don't know what they are getting. But then there are some highly knowledgeable and highly-skilled Canadian cannabis growers and advocates who would argue quite the opposite, in that growing their own at home would provide them with much more control over what they are getting.


Trudeau campaigned heavily on the promise of ending the cannabis prohibition charade, but dispensaries continue to be raided across the country and Canadians continue to be harassed and given a criminal record over a plant.


But they aren't going to give-up, in fact many dispensaries were able to open the very next day after being targeted by police, in an act of peaceful civil disobedience. It's pretty clear that many Canadians are past the point of being ready to see the decriminaliztion or legalization, of this plant.





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