No Surprise Here: Trudeau Moving Forward With TPP

The Trudeau government is close to moving forward with adopting the Trans-Pacific Partnership deal, even though there remains growing criticism from Canadians who would like to see otherwise, they believe this deal undermines Canada's sovereignty (among other worries) and they want to see it scrapped.

Canada's Liberal government says that it will be moving toward adopting the controversial trade deal even though they might not agree with it. Chrystia Freeland, International Trade Minister, says that the government's decision to sign doesn't necessarily mean that Canada is committed to the arrangement. But seeing as Canada has been involved in negotiations for many years now, and has declared that they will be moving forward with the agreement, it doesn't really appear like they are lacking commitment on the matter.

Earlier this week, NDP leader Thomas Mulcair took the chance to criticize Trudeau for his plans to agree to the deal. Mulcair asked Trudeau if he often signs things that he doesn't agree with and he pointed out that the Liberals still haven't released an economic impact study on the TPP. In response to that inquiry over an impact study, Trudeau maintained that the deal would create middle-class jobs and spur economic growth; still no details yet on exactly how. “Apparently, the government has no problem signing an agreement that was negotiated in secret,” said Mulcair on the matter.



When it comes to the TPP, it is said that this is the most secretive document that has been passed in US history. It was so secret that if any Senators had wanted to read the encyclopedia-sized “free” trade deal that they had to enter a highly secure room that was guarded. Not only that, but they were watched as they read the document and were restricted from mentioning what they read in the document. This is what we are to believe would be found in a representative democracy?

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Twelve countries, including Canada, Japan, and the U.S., are expected to sign the TPP agreement next week. Once all is said and done, this will effectively be the largest global trade deal in history. Just last year, Trudeau himself was criticizing Harper for the secrecy surrounding this deal, and now here he is passing along and supporting it. However, it should be said that Trudeau was always careful never to outright oppose the TPP itself, and has said that he is open to a debate on the matter, just like he has also said on the matter with controversial Bill C-51. 



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