New “Leap Manifesto” Calls For Overhaul of the Canadian Economy

A new anti-capitalism manifesto has been gaining support in Canada, with already over 100 signatures from a variety of artists, labor unions, aboriginal leaders, environmentalists, and activists. The manifesto is calling for an overhaul to the crony capitalist economy that is currently in place, and together the activists and others are demanding that the nation entirely abandon its need for fossil fuels in the next 35 years. They believe that by forcing the nation to further implement a change from using fossil fuels, that this will somehow upset crony capitalism within the country.





This manifesto is somewhat unnecessary when you come to realize that Canada has already aligned itself with the new Agenda 2030 goals of the United Nations. Canadian mayors also have attended and expressed support that they will implement the Vatican's climate change goals within their communities as well. Clearly, Canada is already on the path toward a “greener” and more (supposedly) environmentally-friendly future.


The main popularity behind the manifesto, is the star-power of those supporting it like best-selling author Naomi Klein and her husband Avi Lewis. Klein is the author of This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate. A documentary has been filmed of the same name from the book, and the release of this new manifesto is coinciding with the release of the documentary; being unveiled at the Toronto International Film Festival. Other Canadian celebrities who have signed the manifesto are actors like Ellen Page, Rachel McAdams, Donald Sutherland, Neil Young, environmentalist David Suzuki and many more.


There are a number of NDP supporters who have voiced their support for this manifesto, among them being former Ontario NDP leader Stephen Lewis and the president of the Canadian Union of Public Employees. The collective letter claims that Canada's record on climate change has been “ a crime against humanity's future,” and they want to see Canada embrace a new approach to receive 100 per cent of its electricity from renewable resources. They want to see the nation entirely drop its need for any fossil fuels by the year 2050.


Along with this would come the implementation of a new “iron law” in the area of energy development, which would be applied to pipelines, fracking, oil tanker traffic, mining projects, and perhaps more. The manifesto claims that its goals will overhaul the crony capitalist system to the point of establishing a new economy that will be “in balance with the earth's limits.” The manifesto also encourages the notion that energy sources should be collectively controlled by communities, rather than placed into the “profit-gouging” of private companies. Those familiar with basic economic principles however, will already know that when you have more competition in the market for energy, that this is what is going to drive those prices down. The monopoly on energy for residents in Ontario has already proven to be disastrous, with many citizens struggling to find a way to pay the rapidly increasing rates.

Canadians need more room and freedom for creativity and innovation within the market, in an effort to promote competition and offer new options for Canadians on how they are going to meet their energy needs. When too much force gets in the middle of this process, it only dampens the progress that we could potentially make in this area. How do those involved with the manifesto plan to finance their grand scheme? Taxes, taxes, and taxes! They've already detailed plans to call for an end to fossil fuel subsidies, they want a cut in military spending, and they want to impose “financial transaction” taxes, higher income taxes, and utilize increased resource royalties. Mulcair said this week that the New Democrats welcome the ideas that have been proposed within the manifesto. The reality is that they, if successful, will only overhaul the need for fossil fuels. The market will still be here, along with government intervention within it, and we will still have crony capitalism within Canada. 



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