Never mind those unjust wars, the Defense Department wants more toys

It's no secret that the military has long been interested in attracting talented scientists and engineers, and it looks like now the Defense Department is successfully improving its relationship with Silicon Valley. In an effort to try and improve bureaucratic relations between them, the Department of Defense is going ahead with plans to build a Manufacturing Innovation Institute, and it recently built its first full-time outreach office in San Jose, California. Now that they have a hub on the grounds, U.S. Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter, can stay more focused on developing relationships with veteran and newly emerging tech companies.


After revelations surfaced and confirmed suspicions of warrantless spying from the National Security Agency (NSA), it looks like now some of that damage is indeed being repaired. Just this year, Defense Secretary Ashton Carter reiterated the goal of improving relations, when he said that the military would adapt in an effort to “renew the bonds of trust and [to] rebuild the bridge between the Pentagon and Silicon Valley.” Carter has said that he believes the relationship is vital in order for the U.S. military to stay on the cutting edge well into the future.


The military is dedicated to spending millions on looking for emerging and breakthrough technologies, and they want to build direct relationships along the way. And isn't the thought that warmongers will be getting a variety of new toys to play with, surely a comforting one. Even though the government had lost a fair amount of trust when the spying revelations came to light, the military is now repairing that damage and trying to overcome those suspicions so that they can attract help from the industry.


A new agreement between the two, has the Department of Defense (DOD) looking to invest at least $171 million into wearable technology or “flexible hybrid electronics.” The wearable technology might be used to assist wounded soldiers, help with automobiles or aircrafts in harsh environments, along with many other possible applications. The Pentagon has said that the market for flexible hybrid electronics manufacturing “has the potential for dramatic growth” across the wearable markets.


The Military's outreach office, the Defense Innovation Unit – Experimental (DIUx), is tasked with the position of bridging the relationship again between the government and the innovators in Silicon Valley. They are also focusing on scouting for breakthrough and emerging technologies, and on serving as a local point of presence for anyone in the area to get in contact with the Department. “Things are starting to snowball,” said Marc Andreessen, co-founder of Andreessen Horowitz. He says that there is a much bigger focus now from the DOD, on working with early-stage companies.


Over the last decade, the U.S. military has engaged itself in a variety of conflicts overseas. They've spent hundreds of millions of dollars on unjust warfare, and there doesn't seem to be any end in-sight. But, as long as the media continues with its terror fear-campaign, there will remain many who are supportive of costly and devastating military endeavors in other nations. And the relationship between the military and the media is no secret either.



 So while we continue to deal with a growing number of conflicts, the military is still moving full speed toward growing/further expanding. We've got warmongering representatives who are repeatedly calling for increased conflict between Russia and Iran, and yet they themselves won't be paying the cost with their money or lives. Yet they remain eager to sign others up to fight in the conflicts that they want to initiate. As Gerald Celente puts it, he and many others are fed-up with this “murderous streak of mad-men,” and perhaps instead of scurrying to invest in new technologies that could benefit and further perpetuate their warfare, they should instead put energy toward re-considering their warmongering thought-process.

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