Never forget, we aren't allowed to question 9/11

Leading-up to the new election, several candidates have either quit or been ousted as previous comments they made on Facebook throughout the years have come to light. Most recently, one Vancouver Island Liberal candidate quit just this past week, when comments she made about 9/11 on Facebook surfaced. Maria Manna makes the second Liberal candidate to quit just this month. 


A media report had surfaced, claiming that back on September 11th of 2013, Maria Manna had said that she knew who was responsible for the attacks on the United States and that “love is the answer,” to the problem. Manna was a candidate for the new riding of Cowichan-Malahat-Langford, and she has said that she fully supports Liberal leader Justin Trudeau. 


According to one Times-Colonist, the post read as follows: “So today we remember the tragedy of 911. Today we will talk about who did it and why. Today most people will continue to believe the lie, and again, they continue to win. Thank God I know the truth! LOVE is the answer!!!” 


Now that her previous comments are garnering her so much attention, Manna has come out and said that she sincerely apologizes if she has offended anyone with the comments, and that after leaving she will continue to devote herself to her music and humanitarian work. This isn't the only candidate that has been forced to take-up another career path, after their previous comments from Facebook have been discovered. Other candidates have come under fire for their comments on things like marijuana, cancer, and Israel.


All of the parties seem to have their own issues with this past controversy over speech, various candidates from a variety of parties have quit or been pressured to leave when comments they made years earlier were found to be controversial. Even one candidate for the Libertarian Party of Canada came under criticism after she took part in a controversial “slut walk,” and upset a few feminists. However, despite many (from within the LPOC itself and outside) calling for her resignation, the LPOC decided to keep her and refused to cave to the demands of those asking for her to be axed from the party.





What is the lesson that we can take from all of this? Perhaps, that if one wants to take the position of running for political office in Canada, that one should never exercise an opinion that goes against the flock. Anyone involved with a political party may want to evaluate how much they can exercise their own freedom of speech and conscience; when random cherry-picked comments from years ago on Facebook and other sites have the potential to surface and prompt you to be forced-out or quit. How do we distinguish between actions and words that are reserved for the individual, and those reserved for the party? Surely if it were some public event or official public statement being made; then it must adhere to some party conjecture, but should every single thought of the individual be rendered subject to party-approval, before they share it with others, if one wants to run as a candidate? In a way, Manna has been punished for her freedom of conscience, and because those thoughts didn't jive with the Liberal agenda. No one would enjoy being the target of any trial-by-media, so it's no surprise that Manna decided to cave and quit the party, rather than sticking by her original convictions.  


The media and various members of the public haven't neglected the opportunity to ridicule Manna and anyone who questions the official story of 9/11 like she herself has. However, despite the attempt of the media and many others over the years to silence inquiry on the matter, many more continue to learn the truth surrounding the deceit of that "official story," despite how uncomfortable that makes others. And there are many architects, engineers, professors, and other accredited individuals, who are keen on continuing to press for truth surrounding the events of that day.

If you haven't yet, please take the time to check out the recent PFT Documentary film,  9/11: Decade of Deception 

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