NATO Moving Thousands of Troops into Eastern Poland

On Friday, NATO leaders agreed to deploy military forces to the Baltic states and the eastern region of Poland, as the confrontation between Russia continues to linger. The 28-nation alliance is going to be moving a number of troops, between 3,000 – 4,000, into northeastern Europe and the troops will be there on a rotating basis in an effort to supposedly help to defend eastern members against any potential Russian aggression.  

The U.S. has already stated that it will be sending roughly 1,000 troops to Poland for the same objective, and Canada is also planning on getting involved as well; along with Germany, Britain, and France. Ukraine is not yet a member of NATO but President Petro Prorshenko is expected to be meeting with allied leaders this weekend, where he might face some pressure to fulfill plans for further decentralization in the eastern region of Donbass.



Many troops in Ukraine have become increasingly angry at the government, because they feel that they have been abandoned by them on their missions. Last year in Kiev, many disgruntled citizens took to protesting outside the President's administration, to try and seek some change in the worsening matter. Meanwhile, thousands of cases have been opened against Ukrainian soldiers for allegations of evasion of service, defections, and more. In one case, roughly 60 Ukrainian troops crossed into Russia, attempting to seek refuge for themselves. Thus far, hundreds of Ukrainian soldiers have been killed and thousands have been wounded.


British Instructors have already trained roughly 2,000 Ukrainian soldiers and they are expected to be training thousands more by March 2017. The UK Secretary of State for Foreign & Commonwealth Affairs, Philip Hammond, announced his hopes for the cooperation and relationship between NATO and Ukraine to be deepened, and has said that the UK plans to make significant contributions to this cooperation. But not everyone seems to be on the same page however, as French President Francois Hollande recently stated that the NATO has no role in saying what Europe's relations with Russia should be, and he insisted that for France that Russia was not an adversary or a threat. Russia is allegedly responding to the recent NATO deployment, by choosing to move forward with building up their defensive measures in the Baltic and Black Sea.







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