NATO General Pushing For Conflict With Russia

Recently leaked e-mails to the website DC Leaks, reveals that retired U.S. Gen. Philip Breedlove had allegedly been anxiously pushing for conflict with Russia among colleagues in Washington. The same e-mails also show that Breedlove allegedly attempted to overcome President Obama's decisions about wanting to get more involved with the conflict. Breedlove and Obama have seemed to frequently disagree in the past regarding the situation in Ukraine, and these e-mails show the alleged extent that Breedlove took to back-channel lobby in trying to push for war.


In his e-mails, Breedlove allegedly states that he wants to ensure that all eyes are on ISIl at all time” while they slowly continue with increasing their conflict with Russia in Ukraine. Breedlove allegedly reached out to former Secretary of State Colin Powell, former NATO supreme commander Wesley Clark, and other retired military officials and academics. Breedlove recently stepped down from NATO leadership in May and has now retired from the service. Before retiring, he testified before Congress admitted that he thought Russia was “a long-term existential threat to the United States” and European allies of the United States.  

The war-hawk right, along with their arm of the media, like to frequently paint Obama as being too soft and too reluctant to engage in or initiate conflict, but that couldn't be further from the truth and what's really going on around the world. Obama has effectively been at war longer than former President Bush or any other American president for that matter. For his entire two terms he has engaged in ongoing wars overseas; after he strongly campaigned with a bold and unforgettable promise to end the wars and to bring troops home. From Afghanistan, Libya, and Iraq, to Ukraine, Pakistan, and Syria, Obama has engaged the U.S. in a myriad of conflicts around the world. It is nothing short of propaganda for the media to spin the narrative that Obama is somehow anti-war or anti-violence, when his actions demonstrate the complete opposite of that.



Since retiring, Breedlove has now surprisingly admitted that he thinks that we need to talk to the Russian government in order to resolve the ongoing conflict, “I think we need to begin to have meaningful dialogue,” he says. But we can still see that the chances of conflict escalating with Russia are increasing now that Canada and others are sending more troops to the cause.  





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